You Love Me

Dearest SC,

Today, you are 24 years old. You say that I’ve done too much to celebrate this day already, but I’m not even done yet! And really, how much is too much to show the man I love exactly how much I adore everything he does for me? You make me smile when I’m beyond frustrated. You kiss me when I have tears in my eyes. You check my oil and you fix my doggy door so that burglars can’t break in to my house. You protect me. You save me from others and from myself. You love me.

Before I met you, I was a shell of a person. I was sad and broken. But you’ve put me back together. You’ve made me want more for myself and for us. You’ve given me something to hope for and dream about again. Now, when I look at ¬†what the picture of my future looks like, instead of seeing a blank face or someone that hurt me beyond repair, I see you. The person I’m standing next to when all of my dreams come true is you, because you are that for me. You are my dream come true.

And you can save us all a lot of time if you stop complaining about me spoiling you now. You spoil me every day, let me do it for a couple weeks out of the year. Because I’ll keep doing it every year. Whether you’re turning 24 or 104, I will be by your side.

Happy birthday,

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