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Influenster #XOVoxBox

Last month, I received the #XOVoxBox from Influenster. I’ve been so swamped that it’s been sitting on my “to review” shelf for all this time. Well, I’m finally digging into it today and I’m loving everything I see! I’ll do more in depth reviews of most of these items after I’ve had a chance to really use them, but for now make sure you read on to learn more about the samples that were included in this VoxBox.

About the VoxBox

Influenster's #XOVoxBox

This box contains four full size products, four sample products, and three opportunities to get more free stuff!

Influenster's #XOVoxBox


I’ve been excited to try the Express White toothpaste for a while now. It claims to whiten you teeth in three days. They’ve actually been a hot couponing item for a few weeks now (I’ll be posting about my adventures in couponing soon!), so I’ve stocked up on enough for a year. Hopefully this means I’ll be sporting some much whiter teeth in the coming months?

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TidePods from Influenster's #XOVoxBox


I’ve gotten samples of Tide Pods before, but I’ve never tried the ones with Febreeze in them. My machine often leaves our clothes smelling less than fresh (it’s 15 years old!), so we’re always trying to add a nice fragrance in between vinegar rinses. Can’t wait to see if this does the trick!

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SkinFix from Influenster's #XOVoxBox

I actually already tried this product, since it’s a lotion and can be easily applied. Of course, I do want to test the longevity of it. So far, here are my thoughts: I’m a smell person and I do not love the smell of this. It’s enriched with oatmeal, and you can tell. It’s more like a medicated oatmeal scent and less like a soft, Aveeno oatmeal scent. It’s not a deal breaker, but not my favorite. Secondly, it’s a bit greasy. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s still greasy. Now, this does not say that it doesn’t have good properties. I put less than a dime-sized amount on my hands over four hours ago, and I still feel like my hands are moisturized. My dry-winter skin is thanking me right now, that’s for sure. Next, I’m going to test it on my cracked heels for about a week. I won’t care about greasy feet, and if it works then I’ll seriously jump for joy.

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John Frieda from Influenster's #XOVoxBox


I don’t have blonde hair, but it says that these products work well on both blonde and brunette hair. I have a sea salt spray right now that I don’t love. So I can’t wait to see how this one compares.

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AdoreMe from Influenster's #XOVoxBox


  • AdoreMe promotional code for one free lingerie set (Reg. price $39.99)

I received a free bra and panty set and I wrote a separate blog post reviewing AdoreMe earlier this month.

I love that they carry “plus-sized” lingerie. Though, I’m not sure why I’m categorized as plus-sized just because I have a large chest. After wearing the set a few times a week through the month, I have to be honest and say that I don’t love the way the bra fits. It feels like it digs in to all the wrong places and is strangling my sides. Rather than smoothing, it creates more lumps. I hate that they withdraw your monthly subscription whether or not you order anything for the month. And I’ve already tried canceling my membership, yet they make it REALLY hard to do so.

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  • Lands’ End coupon code for $25 off $100

I’ll admit that I haven’t used this code and I probably won’t. Even with $25 off, I can’t afford to spend $75 on Lands’ End clothes. I’m more of a Target kind of girl.

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  • $25 gift card to eBay when you complete a guide campaign

To claim this $25 gift card, all I needed to do was share my expertise in two guides that followed eBay’s guidelines. I did that and now I get an extra 25 bucks! Easy peasy!


What do you think about the products featured in the #XOVoxBox? Have you tried any of them yet? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
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