When’s the World Gonna End?

Like most people over the past year, I’m completely OBSESSED with post-apocalyptic novels, movies, TV shows, etc. As I just found yet another show on the topic, I got super excited to try it out and SC just rolled his eyes at me like “AGAIN?” in a cute kind of way. So I started thinking about all the apocalypses I’ve been subjected to recently and thought that I should probably make a list. So what better way to share it than with you lovelies so that I know I’m not the only one. If you love The Hunger Games, you’ll love this list.

Before the whole dystopian fad, there were movies like Children Of Men, The Book of Eli, and I Am Legend. But while I loved these movies, they didn’t do it for me the way that the movies/books/TV shows did. If I want to get technical, I can probably trace my love for post-apocalyptic genre back to playing Chrono Trigger on the SNES as a child. I LOVED that game.

The Road 
Medium: novel by Cormac McCarthy, later became a movie
The Apocalypse: Unknown
My Review: This is what started it all for me. I read the book in English Lit in 2009 and while it was a struggle to get into that mindset, by the end I wouldn’t put it down. The movie was no different. I still cry my eyes out every time I see it.

The Hunger Games (Catching Fire & Mockingjay)
Medium: novel series, currently in production for a movie series
The Apocalypse: Unknown. The story begins in a dystopian society in the country of Panem, formerly North America.
My Review: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I can’t wait for the movies. I want to read them over and over. And they are really teen lit so the series is a super easy read. I read all three books in less than a week. I really can’t say enough amazing things about The Hunger Games.

Medium: TV Series
The Apocalypse: Nuclear attacks
My Review: I stumbled upon this series on Netflix (where else?) and I watched the entire series in a weekend. I pretty much didn’t get out of bed. I was obsessed. Sexy men (plus the resident bad boy turning his life around to be the hero) rebuilding a city after complete destruction? Hell yes.

The Colony
Medium: Reality TV Series
The Apocalypse: Viral outbreak
My Review: This show was amazing. Putting people in a life-like situation and watching them survive with limited resources was so interesting. I don’t think I could do it, but I admire those that tried it and succeeded.

Medium: Novel (part of an upcoming series)
The Apocalypse: Genetic mutation caused by scientific advancements
My Review: So far, this is less about the society and more about the specific experience of the main character. But Everything that happens is because of the apocalypse. It doesn’t have quite the same spot in my heart as The Hunger Games, but it’s still a great story so far.

Medium: Novel (part of an upcoming series)
The Apocalypse: Unknown
My Review: I haven’t started reading this yet, but I’ve heard GREAT things and I can’t wait. Infinite Jest is just consuming all of my reading time at the moment.

Medium: TV Series (BBC)
The Apocalypse: Viral outbreak
My Review: I started watching this, again on Netflix, and I wasn’t impressed. I just couldn’t get into it.

Are there any other dystopian movies/novels/tv shows that I don’t know about? Give me all the suggestions you’ve got! I can’t wait to dive in.

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