Jennbizzle Reviews: Wee Appetit Reusable Food Pouches

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Jennbizzle Reviews: Wee Appetit Reusable Food Pouches

So far, I’ve used both organic jar food and disposable pouches for Peanut. I’ve also made some fresh baby food and used small tupperware to store it. However, when we are out at dinner or visiting with friends and family, we absolutely need a pouch of food. It’s just so much more convenient than a jar or tupperware of food. We’ve also purchased a reusable spoon that connects to the end of any pouch, and the combination is just amazing.

About the Product

Jennbizzle Reviews: Wee Appetit Reusable Food PouchesReusable food pouches from Wee Appetit make healthy eating fun, easy, and enjoyable – for babies, toddlers, and people of all ages! An extra-wide opening means these pouches are easy to fill and clean, and a durable double zipper closure ensures there are no messy leaks. Wee Appetit pouches are better for the environment and SAFE for your little one – BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and FDA certified – because your child deserves the best!

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  • Included: Four (4) 6 fl. oz. refillable pouches with spout and lid.
  • Retail Price: $9.95 with free prime shipping
  • Availability: on

My Review

With these pouches, we can feed Peanut food that we know is great for him (because we made it!) but we can also do so in a convenient way for us. I am also able to add his liquid vitamins to the pouch of food and mix in cereal if needed as well. It’s a win-win!

Jennbizzle Reviews: Wee Appetit Reusable Food PouchesThese pouches are completely open at the top for easy filling. I can fit a large spoonful of food into the opening with no problem. The important thing is NOT TO OVERFILL THEM. There are measurement lines on the back and it clearly says maximum, however I was just “eyeballing it” and went quite a bit over the line. The result was a mess. But I learned my lesson and only fill it to the line. My son doesn’t know the difference between eating with these and eating with the disposable pouches, either. So that makes things easy!

To be honest, feeding from the side opening is a little more uncomfortable than feeding from the top. That’s my only complaint, but I don’t see an easy way around this issue since you need a place to fill the bag! I can’t wait to freeze some of them for cool summer time snacks. I anticipate using these pouches for many years (assuming they last) for full feedings and self-snacking.

  • Likes: The money I’ll be saving by using these instead of always buying disposable pouches, plus the major convenience factor.
  • Dislikes: The side spout is my least favorite thing about these pouches.
  • Would I Purchase? I did and I may purchase more so that I can make large batches of food at a time and freeze them!

What do you think about Wee Appetit Reusable Food Pouches? Have you tried them yet? Love it or leave it?
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