I was standing in line at Trader Joe’s with my mom when I saw him. He was tall. He had dark hair but a light complexion. And he was wearing a uniform. Of course he caught my eye. They always do, those firemen. And then, he said something to me. We started talking about nonsense; the weather, the long lines. And then he smiled at a silly joke I made. His eyes kind of wrinkled up at their edges and I could swear he started glowing.

Then it was my turn to ring up my items. What was I going to do, let this amazing man slip out of my life? I don’t have the kind of courage it takes to ask for an amazing man’s number. He’s got to be in a relationship, they always are. Wait, no ring at least.┬áMaybe he’s gay. Oh no, he can’t be gay. And then the cashier is done and I’m walking out of the store, looking back and smiling at him. I’m thinking that I look col and confident, but inside I’m killing myself for not even catching his name.

And then I’m at the DMV, because this is obviously the day from hell. I lose the guy AND I have to deal with the DMV. My phone goes off. I check the text and its not a number that I recognize. The man, the fireman. He sent me a picture of himself. I started texting him back. My mom must have given him my number after I walked away. Except I never asked him. Because we never stopped talking long enough.

He came to the DMV and sat with me. When I was finally finished, I got in his car and we just started driving. We went to the firehouse, he had to change. I looked at the name on his locker, Wachowski. Polish, possibly Jewish. That’s another plus for me. And yeah, I totally snuck a peek of him taking his shirt off. I hadn’t realized how skinny he was. With just the right amount of muscle tone, the way I like it. But, to be honest, I had hoped for those freckles on his shoulders. Those are my favorite.

He told me he had to make a stop before we got something to eat. And then he parked in front of an elementary school. RED FLAG. I knew this guy was too good to be true. But I marched myself right into that school. And then he took something out of his pocket just as a little boy came outside. He handed him something, I couldn’t quite see. And then he looked at me and said, “This is my nephew, I promised him I’d bring him something cool from the firehouse for show & tell today.” And the adorable little boy shook my hand.

Later that night, we were laying on the hood of his car overlooking the city, I was cuddled in a blanked and nestled right in that spot where I fit beside his body. He was running his fingers through my hair and I could feel his breath on my cheek…

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