VEDA and why I’m not writing what I want to write. And then I write it.

Oh my god, you guys. Life is so hard when you have to video blog [read: vlog] every day and you have been trying to write just a few posts on that little ol’ blog of yours about what’s been happening around here but by the time you get done figuring out what the VEDA topic is and then thinking about that topic for hours [read: seconds] and then filming, and then refilming, and then editing, and then uploading, and then watching the 40 or so videos [the number has dwindled a little from the original 100+. I’m looking at you, Katherine.] while your video uploads, and then rewatching your video knowing that it’s actually on the internet and how cool is it that people can and ARE actually watching it with you at this very moment!? Oh, my gosh. THAT is exhausting. And then I run out of fuel and I just want to veg and watch Teen Mom.

Kinda like now. I don’t actually have the energy to type what I really sat down here to type, which is that I completed an item on my Life List and I wanted to tell y’all about it! I actually have completed a few things lately [read: fall in love, again; go back to school; vlog 5 times; host a sponsored giveaway] but the scariest one and the one I didn’t AT ALL expect to complete any time soon is this: I jumped off a 10 foot cliff into a pool of water. I’m like nauseatingly afraid of heights, people. And I hiked back about a mile and a half, swam through pools of warm and murky water full of tadpoles and frogs, climbed up a rickety wooden/chain link ladder, stood at the top of a TEN FOOT cliff, and stood there some more until finally, I JUMPED. 

And when I jumped, I had complete control of my body. But as soon as I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach, I lost that control. I did a butt-plant on the surface of the pool of water. And, let me tell you, it hurt like hell. I thought I had lost feeling in my lower half forever. I literally couldn’t feel my legs. And [though I pretended I was laughing] I actually cried. I think those tears were mostly from being overwhelmed with the experience, but it seriously hurt!

At the end of the day, I’m super glad I did it and I can cross that off my list. But there’s no way in hell I’m doing that again.

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