Valentine’s Card Freebie

I am not a card person. I refuse to spend three dollars on a piece of paper with writing that millions of other people are going to get an exact replica of and then they are all going to go straight to the trash. It’s just not that sentimental to me. Instead, when I really want to give a card I make my own.

This year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make SC a card based on the lyrics of a country song we are loving at the moment. The song is called Sweet Annie form the Zac Brown Band and I really love the line that says “Come a little closer so I can show you that my heart still beats fast for you, over and over again.”

That’s why, when I was designing the card for him in photoshop, I decided to offer a freebie printable as well. Maybe you’ll enjoy the lyrics as much as I do?

Click the image for a direct download! Just print out on card stock, cut in half and fold like a hamburger. Remember when our folds were compared to hamburgers and hotdogs in elementary school?


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