Two Great Loves

I’ve always held the theory that the loves of my life are like Dawson and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. And that’s become more and more apparent over the last few months that I’ve been dating SC. He’s very much a Pacey. And The Ex has always been my Dawson. And it brings me a lot of comfort to know that [SPOILER ALERT] Joey ends up with Pacey. He’s who I always wanted her to be with. He’s who I would choose.

But then I watched Sex and the City 2 for the first time tonight, and I started thinking: Mr. Big and Aiden hold the same concept. They are Carrie’s two great loves. And yet, her situation doesn’t bring me the same comfort because she chooses Big. She chooses her Dawson. I would always choose Aiden. WHY DIDN’T CARRIE CHOOSE AIDEN?

Sorry. Anyway, my point is that I had a sort-of mini revelation about my life. [Yes, I live my life based on thoughts gathered from Dawson’s Creek and SatC.] It doesn’t matter who Joey chose or who Carrie chose. I’m not Joey and I’m not Carrie. What matters is that there’s Dawson and Pacey, Mr. Big and Aiden, The Ex and SC. And it’s up to me to choose which one is right for me. I chose Pacey and Aiden, so I think that’s a pretty good sign. I don’t want a huge apartment in Manhattan or a high profile director husband. I want someone who would buy me a wall. Someone who would pick up and go sailing with me for a summer if I wanted. I want someone who would take me to a cabin in the woods wearing a plaid button down shirt and propose to me with a big diamond ring.

I don’t want The Ex. I want SC. Only, I didn’t really need the grand revelation to figure that part out.

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