The Ex Texts

While in Vegas, The Ex texted me. This little gem of info kind of got pushed to the side due to everything else that is #BiSC. But it actually caused a bit of ruckus in my life. SC is very uncomfortable with The Ex contacting me. He’s done so about four times now since we started dating. The first time was pretty early on. And, honestly, things weren’t entirely resolved from our Ex Sex hookup last summer. So I resolved it and asked him not to contact me anymore. And then he continued to do so twice more in the months that followed. I ignored those texts so as to not fuel his fire. He usually texts me when he’s lonely or when his girlfriend isn’t having sex with him.

But when he sent me a message in Vegas, I was already three drinks in. And if you know me, that meant I was pretty drunk. I didn’t recognize his number at first. I was checked out of reality and in #BiSC land. And I’d given my number out to quite a few people. So I assumed it was one of them and his “Please say something.” caused me to reply (jokingly) “What am I saying?” And that opened a whole can of worms. I soon realized that it was The Ex. Brandy wanted to take my phone, but soon complimented me on the way I was handing the situation after I let her in on the convo.

I got annoyed really soon though, as I was dancing in a club and he was still texting me. I had already told him goodbye and wished him well… he didn’t get the clue. So I had to pull out the bitch card. And when he still didn’t stop? I deleted the conversation and ignored him.

Meanwhile, I tweeted about it but decided not to tell SC until I got home and we could talk it out face to face. He read my tweet and stressed about it all weekend. I wasn’t very tactful in that respect:

So when I got home and we talked, I was a little offended because SC sounded like he was blaming me for The Ex texting me. As if I had control over that sort of thing. I know that’s not what he meant, but I went on the defensive. It quickly got resolved and, really, there wasn’t much to do after that.

I hope this is the end. I really do. Mostly because I don’t want to end up hating The Ex. I like the way things are, the way I feel about him. It’s a nice thing. I hope he doesn’t ruin it. Because I’m never going to choose him. It’s never going to BE him. And I’m done playing that game.

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