Ten on Tuesday (8)

1. Have you ever used Craigslist?
I have! I’ve purchased a car when I desperately needed a cheap replacement after I crashed mine. I also got a queen sized mattress in really good condition for about 30 bucks. And I’m currently looking into getting a love sack, since they are upwards of 700 dollars on their website and mama is a little bit addicted to those things.

2. Can you sew?
Barely. I can maybe get the job done, but it definitely won’t be pretty.

3. Do you pour syrup on your pancakes or dip your pancakes in the syrup?
Usually I pour a little syrup on the top of the stack and then pour a puddle on the side of the plate to dip as well. I love syrup.

4. Rain storms: Love them or hate them?
Hate them. If it’s raining out I have SUCH a hard time sleeping. And I hate being wet. I just don’t like the rain at all.

5. Do you like swimming?
LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEEE swimming and I’m so excited it’s that time of year again. This is why I love summer.

6. What kind of drink do you order at Sonic?
Something slushie with strawberries in it? I don’t know what it’s called. I’ve only been to Sonic a few times during happy hour. So of course I get the Route 44, but I’m not sure what the drink is actually called.

7. Are you funny?
Sometimes I’m totally on point with jokes, other times people laugh at the jokes I’m trying (but failing miserably) to make. At least it keeps ’em laughing, I guess!

8. At what age will your kids get cell phones?
I’m not really sure about this question yet. I think it’s ridiculous that 8-year olds are walking around with iPhones, but I don’t think I’d be opposed to getting my high-school aged child a phone for my own benefit. Though I would never, ever pay for any of their extra features. They want texting/internet? They need a job.

9. What’s your favorite vegetable?
I love broccoli and peas the best.

10. Were you a Girl Scout?
Sadly, no. Although I think selling those cookies would have been a very tedious task for my child-self. I was kind of aloof as a little girl.

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