Takin’ Care of Business (sing it with me)

I’m thinking I should probably post here once in a while, no? I mean, I can’t believe I haven’t written an actual post since September 8.

There’s lots of good stuff going on around here, but I’m the kind of blogger that only gets inspired to write when I need to bitch. And, to be honest, there’s some stuff I need to bitch about, too. But I’m still deciding if I want to write about it. It’s kinda touchy for me.

So for now, I think I’m just going to bullet the shit out of this post.

  • I met up with Nico, Ashley, and Hung (and they met SC!) in Pasadena while Hung was visiting the US. But that was forever ago. It was awesome and there were (embarrassing) videos made and we talked about a TON of vloggers who we love. Yes, probably you. It was a really great thing for me to ind of put a close on VEDA, a way to recap and express my thoughts in person, as well as hear feedback from our lovely Captain & Robot and another newbie to the VEDA world. We were a good representation of the VEDA community, I think. And even SC got to talk about his experience being a bystander in the whole process. In short, it was fabulous. But it was without Blue Moon, which was seriously depressing*.
  • SC applied for a job closer to where I live (right now he lives and works 40 minutes away), and after a long application and screening process, he got the job! So that means he’s going to be pretty much moving in with me! He’s still keeping some of his stuff at his mom’s, and I’m not really telling the story like that to my Papa (who owns my house and would probably propose that he pay some sort of rent) because if he weren’t technically moving in and only staying here a lot out of convenience, we could save up a lot more money for things like a ring, a wedding, his new bike. You know, cool stuff. So I’m basically going to try and get away with this for as long as I can. Because I want him here, like, all the time. He moves in next weekend which is perfect because…
  • Next Tuesday is my birthday!! I’ll be 23. I know, you didn’t think I was that young. I’m pretty cool like that. So having him here will be the best birthday present ever.
  • You know what the next best birthday present will be? Having his CalKing bed instead of my sunken in queen to sleep on.
  • Oh yeah, and pending a few possible glitches, SC’s taking me to Disneyland for my birthday! I’m super excited. It’s the happiest place on earth, after all!
  • There is also some room for improvement in my employment future. I’ve been applying like a mad woman to all kinds of different positions. I got calls back from Michael’s and T-Mobile and I’m in the middle of the interview process with both. I’ve had 2 interviews with T-Mobile, but I don’t have any commission sales experience so I’m not sure if I’ll get the job. I’ve only had one interview with Michael’s, but my aunt works in HR in the corporate office so she’s putting in a good word for me and the manager all but said he was going to hire me. We talked about the uniforms and what exactly my schedule would look like after our first meeting. And I think I’d fit in perfectly in a craft store.
  • I got my pretty little MOO! mini cards in the mail the other day. Klout offered a perk for 100 free mini cards. So I got to work making 5 different designs and ordered away. Now I have (mini) business cards to hand out with my internet info all over them for future meet ups!
That pretty much sums it up right now. I’m thinking about starting the Wine and Love series just to get me writing. Don’t get me wrong, I think about writing all the time. But then I get preoccupied with either catching up on my TV shows, or playing The Sims Social or GnomeTown on fb (Kill me now. When did I become a person that is addicted to fb games? I might as well be playing Farm Town WHICH I AM NOT DOING), and then by the time I get down to clicking on wordpress, I’ve either already talked about what I wanted to write about with SC or I don’t have time and then I forget all about it. It’s an endless cycle. And I miss this place.
*Not for me, since I don’t drink beer. But I was depressed that we couldn’t get the visiting Canadian a freaking BlueMoon in all of AMERICA. 
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