Sitting at the stoplight in that bright blue truck.

I pulled up to the stoplight. I was turning left on my way back to the office. I’d just eaten a big lunch; I was full, happy, and in my own self-serenading world. Impatiently, I looked around me waiting for the light to change. When I glanced to my right, I froze.

What I saw made my heart shatter into 999 little pieces. The missing piece was one that I gave away a long time ago. The color of that small truck is what initially caught my eye. It’s just that shade of blue that I don’t see very often. Unless I’m revisiting memories. His blonde hair was covering his ears but not his forehead. Her sandaled feet were up on the dash mimicking the windshield wipers. I looked away almost as immediately as I felt my heart spontaneously combust. It couldn’t be, could it? No. It wasn’t. But at the same time, it was.


I was looking at a snapshot of my life eight years ago. Those kids stopped at the light were us. What we were and could have been. All of the potential was ahead of us at that point. Sitting at a stoplight in that bright blue truck.


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Looking back to find the image for my post, I found all of my thoughts from that time in my life. Man, back then I really knew how to just write from my soul. My favorite post was a letter to myself. But here’s a link to the entire category, if you’re interested.

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