I don’t really know what I want to say, only that I have a lot of emotions right now and I need to write.

My bridal shower is on Saturday. Invites went out in the mail over a month ago. It’s two days before, with one person officially RSVP’ed and I’m having to call or text everyone to see if they are coming. So far, out of the 35 ladies I invited… 9 are coming. That’s less than one third of the people. Cole’s stepmom isn’t even coming. My cousin, who I opened my house to when she had no where else to go, never opened the invitation and made other plans.

It’s just so frustrating that when I’m always there to support anyone that I am physically able to help, no one is going to show up for me. This isn’t just another birthday party. It’s MY BRIDAL SHOWER. I’m only doing this once. It’s just not a priority for two-thirds of the people that I call friends and family. And that makes me feel like I’m not a priority to them either.

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