Pigs and Cowboy Cookies

This is the first Christmas that SC and I are buying gifts as a couple. As in, WE are giving gifts to his mother, father, sister, etc. and vice versa. CONFESSION: Usually, I wait till the last minute and get things only for the people I know I’ll be seeing on Christmas, if that. But not this year, folks. Let the craftiness commence!

We’ve got 14 days until Christmas (HOLY COW) and I’ve already got 90% of my shopping done. Ironically, the only people I haven’t shopped for are those whose gifts I have to ship, and therefore are behind on those. The only gift still not covered is SC’s sister, because I’ve only met her twice and so I delegated that role to him.

We aren’t exactly rolling in the dough right now, since my transmission just went out and so of course everything after that has to go to shit as well, so I really wanted to create all my gifts DIY style. And I think I’ve accomplished that for the most part. A few people in my life, mostly on my side of the family, are getting Cookies in a Jar that I stole and modified from Bakerella (Yes, the CakePop goddess).

These things are so freaking beautiful. I made them in advance because 1) I bought self-sealing jars and 2) I’m giving one away as a Secret Santa gift tonight at my work party. And, of course, I’m making tons of cookies and putting them in tins/takeout boxes as smaller gifts.

The other handy idea is one I’m pretty sure I stole from Shatterboxx, though I’m really too lazy to search for the exact post. SC and I are spray painting piggy banks with chalkboard paint and giving them out with a little pack of chalk included. The idea is to create a space that you can identify what you’re working towards, but enabling that goal to change. Something like this:

Oh, wow. I just searched chalkboard piggy bank images and the Shatterboxx link and image came up. So, there you go. I’m really excited to spray paint those babies to see how they come out. Oh, yeah, & we’re totally keeping one.

The other exciting DIY items are scrapbook pages for both SC’s mom and my Grandad with all their kids/grandkids on them. I had the pictures printed and made the pages. The finished product got framed and I think they’re really going to love them. We did end up purchasing a couple gifts with no DIY theme, but I’m not too worried about it since I caught some really good sales! I think we’ve spent under $100 so far and we’ve gotten gifts for 12 people.  I didn’t do anything DIY for SC, but honestly, we decided we weren’t getting presents for each other, and somehow there are already like 10 presents under the tree! Oh well, I think this is going to be a good Christmas. I mean, I already knew that actually GIVING gifts was fulfilling, but now I’m excited that I’m actually able to do it without completely stressing out!

What are you gifting this year? Anything DIY? I need ideas for next year!

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