Where has the time gone?

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I haven’t been doing very many updates on the Peanut lately. Mostly, time just got away from me. I’ve got so much to say about so many different products that in the teeny tiny breaks that I get during naptime, I focus on those and forget that I should probably show off my kid every once in a while! (Oh, and hey, if you’re in a reader you should click through and see my little design update!)

Peanut is nine months old and BOOOOOOOY is he active. He’s got four teeth and has been crawling for two months. He’s taken his first step, said his first word (mama!), and he’s eaten just about everything under the sun. Including things he really shouldn’t be eating. Also including things that aren’t supposed to be edible, like paper, because he puts EVERY SCRAP OF ANYTHING in his mouth.

Peanut Collage: Months 1-8

So there he is, in all his glory. The nine month photo shoot didn’t go fabulously, I admit. But we got a couple of really cute pictures of him just last week on the fourth of July.


There you have it. That’s my beautiful, challenging, outrageously intelligent son. I’ll try to post a bit of updates more often, but with this one trying to run around and set the house on fire every time I look away, I’m not making any promises.

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