Notice anything different?

For years, I’ve been saying that I’d invest in myself and my writing by purchasing my own domain name. Finally, I can say that I’ve done it! If you click through, you’ll notice that I am now officially!!

I’ve got site redirect going, but you probably should update your feeds. It’ll only last for a year and I don’t want to lose you next April by accident! My RSS is here.

The crazy thing is that I didn’t even do it because I decided that the time is NOW! I did it because I was forced to. does not allow sponsored posts. Since I do a lot of those, I had no choice but to move. My deadline to make the change was April 14, so I immediately emailed Doni and begged for her quick help. I am now a member of the WhiskeyCloud family and I feel so secure knowing that I’ve met and love both Doni and Nico. I don’t have to worry about dealing with scammers or CSRs who know nothing about web hosting when signing up for these services. I know they have my back and will be on top of shit if anything should ever go wrong.

Everything will stay pretty much the same around here. I’m thinking that once I get comfortable, I’ll probably do a little redesign. But for now, I’m just so excited for this new journey.

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