Month 2: Pregnancy Updates

We’ve developed a theme of calling the baby whatever food it resembles during that week. We especially liked the sweet pea week!

Week 4: Poppy Seed


This is technically before Month 2, but since I actually started having symptoms in the fourth week I thought I’d record them here instead of making a separate post for one week.

I first started having nausea on Monday, January 13. That was day one of my fourth week. Looking back, I can see that it was because I generally don’t eat anything in the morning so by noon my stomach was completely empty and baby wasn’t happy with that.

I had a negative test on Wednesday, January 15.

Week 5: Apple Seed


In week 5, I felt really great. I had a positive HPT on Monday, January 20 and told SC on Tuesday, January 21. Having my suspicions confirmed was a relief for me. I didn’t feel like a crazy person anymore! I regulated my eating patterns (many more small meals throughout the day) and was able to curb most of the nausea I was feeling the week before. I really believe it’s all about finding my groove with eating and sleeping patterns. I had tons of energy and I didn’t really have any mood swings. One day, I think SC had to snap at me because I was being really snappy with him and didn’t realize it.

I also had my first craving this week: Buttercream frosting. Not like, Betty Crocker from the can. It had to be bakery style frosting. Luckily Stater Bros. sells individual slices of cake so we didn’t have to go get a whole Costco cake, because if that’s what it took I was going to have some frosting!

Week 6: Sweet Pea


Week 6 brought the decline in energy for me. I threw up for the first time on Friday, at 6 weeks 4 days. Then we went to Disneyland since we had some gift certificates from Christmas that we needed to use before I got too big. While there ,I ate something that gave me food poisoning and we came home early. I spent the next three days in bed and had everyone worried about the baby. Luckily, everything was fine.

This week, I was finally able to schedule my first OB appointment (trouble with insurance!) for March 5. By then, I’ll be 10 weeks & 1 day.We also scheduled an appointment with my aunt, who is an ultrasound technician, to go in after hours and get a little sneak peek in week 7.

Week 7: Blueberry


That brings us to week 7, where I was still recovering from the poisoning on days 1 & 2. The rest of the week was spent battling nausea and throwing up some more. Same low energy, same overall feeling. I really started having an aversion to a lot of smells/foods. I decided early on not to give up coffee completely (they say you really don’t need to) and instead just limit my caffeine consumption. No going for that second cup or extra shots of espresso! But this week, coffee in the morning just didn’t seem like something I’d be able to keep down so I skipped it.

We saw our first ultrasound and got to listen to Blueberry’s heartbeat on February 13 at 7 weeks, 2 days. Blueberry is measuring right on time, within one day of our expected due date!

Week 8: Raspberry


I’m still in the middle of week 8 as I write this, and it’s really been much of the same. I am having a hard time cooking food, as the smell really overwhelms me and makes it hard to actually eat once I’m done cooking. We’ve (sadly) had to adjust to eating a lot of frozen food for the time being. I can also barely eat one serving of food at a time. We went out to eat for Valentine’s Day at Outback Steakhouse and I really just nibbled on everything. And then our movie plans got sidetracked after I found myself dry heaving in the parking lot of the grocery store because the MEAT COUNTER/SEAFOOD is a pregnant girl’s worst nightmare and why did I not think of that?!

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates, and probably way more TMI than you could imagine, as I journal through this new journey! 

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