Leaving the Nest

It’s that time of year again, I’m going camping. Every year I take an extended week off (no matter what else happens during the year, this is a MUST) to go out in the forest, park my butt and my tent by a river, sunbathe, gossip, and MOST IMPORTANTLY make s’mores. My family comes too. And by that, I mean that we rent out at least 8 camp sites within a relative vicinity of each other (we reserve in January to camp in July!) and I spend a week with 35+ of my family members. I’d say it’s sort of like a family reunion, except that’s what a normal birthday party looks like in my family.

But this year is a bit different for me. In previous years, Aunt B’s family and I shared a camp site. We worked together to buy and prepare all the food and pack the equipment. But since SC moved in last October I thought it was probably time to “leave the nest” and have our own camp site. So I’ve been stressing and preparing for this for a solid month. Because Aunt B and I always had specific jobs that we both did well that contributed to the over all camp site. Now I’ve got to remember to do everything by myself. Even the things that I don’t like doing.

I think I’ve got it pretty much covered after making 10 (YES TEN) extensive lists for packing. Almost everything is packed now. We leave tomorrow. I just finished up the work week and SC should be home in a few hours. We’re both beyond exhausted, and we’ve still gotta load most of the gear into the truck tonight. But after tomorrow, it’s seven solid days of relaxation and bliss. Except for all the work that’s involved.

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