Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask

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Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask

Because my skin went super crazy and decided to start breaking out like a prepubescent teen after I had the little Peanut, I’ve been literally trying everything to make it BE NORMAL again.

Naturally, (no pun intended), mud masks were high on my list of things to try. They are supposed to draw out impurities and truly clean your pores. But, they can also be pretty pricey. I got a recommendation for this mask from Ulta, and it’s really affordable. I figured, even if it didn’t work at all, it was only a couple of bucks out of my pocket. So this is the one that I started my journey with. I’ve tried many, many more since I bought this one. But it’s definitely worth talking about.

About the Product

This Super-Cleansing detox mask cleanses impurities for a clearer, brighter, complexion. The energy of orange recharges, while sea salt cleanses and bergamot balances. Your face will notice the difference.

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  • Included: One (1) 3.5 oz tube of product
  • Retail Price: $5.99
  • Availability: Amazon or Ulta

My Review

The mask comes in a thin tube, which is really easy to squeeze. It’s scented with orange and bergamot (which is also a really citrus-y scent), so it gives you a really fresh experience. I always associate a citrus scent with cleanliness, and bergamot is known for its antibiotic & disinfectant properties, so it makes sense to me!


When applied, the mask looks orange-y prurple, and it quickly starts to burn (in a good way). If you have sensitive skin, the burning sensation may be too much for you with this product, as it’s particularly strong. My mantra is that if it’s burning, it’s working! So the burn doesn’t bother me.

Then, after application, it’s just a waiting game. As with any other type of mask, you just need to wait for it to dry and try to relax your face so that it doesn’t crack.

After it’s dry, I get a wash cloth as hot as I can and then I place it on my face to loosen the mask and give my skin a little steam love. Scrub away the mask and wash of the leftovers. The results, for me, usually come the day after. I’ll get a couple of small pimples that are really easy to extract, because they were probably clogged pores that the mask brought to the surface. Then I have a clear face for a few days.

I’d say that this product is good for the price point, but it’s definitely something you need to stay on top of and keep using or the effects won’t last long. But I’m happy with it for being a $6 product!

What do you think about the Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
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