I’m not a pet person.

I honestly do not know how a) I am the owner of two dogs or b) I married someone who cannot live without multiple dogs in his home.


I got Baya on a whim because she was headed to the pound and I was lonely and living in a 4 bedroom house by myself after a particularly difficult breakup. She’s more like a rat than a dog, though they tell me she’s a terrier mix. I think she is Russian Toy Terrier with some bits of chihuahua mixed in. She’s so smart that she fools me into thinking she’s an idiot. She might be the reincarnation of the energizer bunny.


We got CJ lat April for SC’s birthday. He wanted a dog of his own, and he claimed that Baya was not a real dog. CJ is a German/Australian Shepard mix. She’s a shelter dog that spent her first four months of life in a kennel without any human interaction. We’ve had her for almost a year and she is still extremely skittish. She turned one on December 27th.


SC’s mom has two papered Australian Shepards, Blue and Taylor, so we have play dates a lot.


There’s really no other way to tire these dogs out than to go to the dog park with some wide open space where they can run until their hearts are content.


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