I Need to Wash My Face.

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I don’t know if most of you know this, but I hardly ever wear makeup. If I’m working, no makeup. I don’t have anyone to impress at Michael’s, and It’s almost impossible to KEEP makeup on at the Soccer Center even if I felt like wearing any. Which I don’t. ThankYouVeryMuch. When SC and I first started dating, I wore makeup a lot more, I mean I didn’t let him see me without makeup on for at least a couple months. You know, the newness and all that. I don’t even know why I wouldn’t let him come over unless I had makeup on because I am so NOT That Girl. But whatever. I wanted him to think I was beautiful. Which is totally silly, I realize.

Basically, my point is that I have bad makeup habits. I don’t wear it everyday so I don’t have to wash it off every night. So when we go out and I get all dolled up and then we come home and have crazy sex, I just pass out afterward. And then I wake up with a huge zit on my face. I know, I pretty much deserve it. But guys!

So I have a few resolutions, which are not exactly new year resolutions because I haven’t started them yet, that are on my Life List and I’ve yet to put myself up to the challenge. I’m resolving to (#30) wash my face and brush my teeth every single night for one month. I’m hoping that this will kind of take hold as a new habit, similar to the theory behind #12changesin12months (whichI am SO NOT prepared to bring into my life). I really like Clean & Clear Advantage 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser and Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleanser. I’m definitely a drug store kind of girl. You won’t catch me paying 20-30 bucks for a bottle of face wash. Nope.

Let’s face it, this is what I ACTUALLY mean when I say get all dolled up and go out. #winetoreach

Similar to the whole washing my face thing, I have issues with brushing my teeth each night. I mean, I totally brush them at least once a day, but have probably not brushed them 3 times in one day more than a handful of times IN MY LIFE. I also never floss unless I can’t get something out of my teeth. I like mouthwash though. Doesn’t mean I use it consistently. P.S. I have major cavity issues. Who knew?

Those are a couple things I’d really LOVE to work on, because I just know they’d improve my beauty regimen and, really, my quality of life. I just need the self-control to follow through with myself.

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