I was sleeping in my bed next to SC when all of the sudden, weird things started happening. I was hearing knocking sounds underneath my bed. So I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. I asked SC if he could hear the sounds, he said yes. and then I started screaming because it was like my eyelids were magnets and I couldn’t get them apart. And then I heard it, the loud bang. When I could finally open my eyes, I was screaming, And then I looked up at the closet, where I knew the sound had come from, and my closet door was broken. The metal frame was bent as if someone had punched it outward and down, toward my head.  And written on it was a million little sayings that looked like a stamp but were actually written out, they all said the same thing, “sugar and spice”. And right near the broken piece of the door? It had a 1-800 phone number written in red. SC reached for my phone and called the number only to find that the other line was a recording of my own scream and then someone cut the line. At least I hoped it was a recording. Then I tried to turn on the lights but they wouldn’t work. And then I touched the other electronics (Clock, iPod Dock) on my desk and the all drained of life instantly.

And then we heard the sounds coming from under the bed again. So l decided to be brave and look under the bed. I pulled out a box of knick knacks, only to find out that it contained every single thing that had gone missing in the past few months. And then, those things started coming alive. The electric toothbrush? I took the batteries out and it still started vibrating.

We shoved the box out of the room and decided to try to get some sleep anyway. I just started dozing off when I felt it. SomeTHING was sinking it’s teeth into my hand!

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