Epic Playdate Weekend

This past weekend, I got an opportunity to take a couple kids to have an awesomely fun day on a ranch in Goleta. When I first got the details, I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me. I am a member of Clever Girls Collective, and have had some amazing opportunities to check out new stuff and write about it, ┬ábut I’ve only ever reviewed products. This was my first blogger event where I knew absolutely no one. The project boasted that some very popular bloggers, like dooce, would be hosting workshops for the kids. Even these bloggers I had never read. I know, I’ve NEVER read DOOCE. Now that we’ve gotten over that fact, let’s move on.

So, the first problem that I had after being invited to this event was that, hi, I have no kids! Luckily for me, my Aunt B has three and was willing to let me steal two for the day. SC and I picked up her seven year old twins from their t-ball game and headed to the coast. Goleta, which is really Santa Barbara, is about two and a half hours from where I live. But the drive was BEAUTIFUL!

The event was sponsored by Hyundai, who is releasing their new Santa Fe Sport. They had a (RED!) Santa Fe Sport on site, and I was oogling the eye candy pretty much all day.


Anyway, back to the event! There were so many awesome workshops for the kids. They started out with balloon workshops where they made swords and flowers. I got beat with the balloon swords for the entire afternoon by all three of my companions.


They ran around for at least an hour playing Epic Volleyball. I got lots of cool action shots and really precious one of Lance rolling on the ball bigger than he was.

Epic Volleyball

The kids got to get all poncho-ed up and join in on a paint fight. Totally washable paint filled sponges, squirt guns, and balloons were coming at us from all angles. They had a blast.

Paint War

The Sand Art collage was a really fun activity where the kids could cool down after running around and playing so hard. They got to be creative and use different colors of sand to make really awesome art. Meanwhile, all the adults were trying to figure out how to seal sand art onto a tarp to hang on the fridge.

sand art

We got to go on an amazing tour of the property and hear all about the history. I brought some popcorn form the snack bar to keep the little ones entertained during this part of the event. They asked if we had to do the tour portion and I was all… UM. YES. REQUIREMENT.

the property

After the tour we built rockets. And then launched them with an air cannon. Lance’s went the highest of the day. I though that was pretty cool. Kaylee’s got stuck in the tree after I prodded her for at least 30 minutes, even calling her stuck up at one point, to launch it. She was afraid to lose it. And then she did. I also made a kid cry because he wanted to cut the line and push the button to launch Kaylee’s rocket. MAMA BEAR RAWR. Make your own rocket, kid.


After rockets we moved on to the final event, Hula Hoop Bubbles. The twins loved making super huge bubbles. Lance preferred to use his hula-hoop for it’s proper use, but Kaylee was all about the bubbles.

hula hoop1

You guys. The venue for the Epic Playdate was so incredibly amazing. It is a ranch that has been around since before The West was won! Spanish Conquistadors named it Rancho Dos Pueblos, meaning the two villages, because when they arrived on the shore of California they were literally greeted by two Native American villages thriving on one year-round stream that flowed directly into the Pacific Ocean. Later, the ranch was occupied by gunslingers and there were actual shootouts on the property. Now, the land is owned by a family who uses it mostly for events and agriculture. It is a certified sanctuary for animals, they have many plants and even beehives to make honey. They have a private beach and it is just the most beautiful place for events. I am actually so sad that we can’t have our wedding there. This weekend was an absolute blast. We ended the day by taking a dip in the ocean at Carpinteria Beach on our way home. The drive back? Everyone was passed out except SC who was, of course, driving!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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