Continuing the Journey: Sugar Detox

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In June, SC and I took part in Nicole’s 30-day Sugar Detox. You might remember the time I posted about it and said I’d keep writing and then, POOF. Nothing. I really want to document my thought and feelings through this journey (I did a lot of that on paper during the course) because this is my path. This is what I have to do to get where I’m going. And I don’t want to get to the end only to wonder how I got there and not be able to sustain it or help anyone else along the way. Because what’s the point of changing my lifestyle and living longer if everyone else around me is still as unhealthy as ever? I want to make an impact on my family and friends. I want them all to live longer WITH ME.

After the detox, we kept it up through most of August. The healthy lifestyle we are comfortable with leading, the one most conducive to our patterns, is this: He does MMA training twice a week and goes to the gym or for a run twice a week, I do yoga for an hour three times a week (at least). We kept our grocery lists sugar free, didn’t drink soda, and made the best choices possible when eating out. This basically means we ate at Chipotle a majority of the time that we went out.

Still, throughout the last six months, we have kept small habits that are reducing sugar. I’m still not drinking sugar in my coffee. I’m not cooking with seasonings that have sugar in them, we’re limiting our condiments that are filled with sugar (I’m looking at you, ketchup). My grocery list is forever changed. I just don’t stock things in the pantry that have high sugar content. If it’s not there then we won’t eat it, plain and simple.

I cook at home a lot. It’s cheaper and I have the confidence that I absolutely know what “little extras” are going into my food. As much as anyone can know what little extras are going into the food they buy at the supermarket, but that’s another topic for another time.

In September, things got crazy. Our wedding was in September and family was in from out of town. Then we went to Italy for our honeymoon. I really did not want to feel the guilt of worrying about what I was eating while we were on our honeymoon! Not to mention, it’s hard enough trying to communicate that you want anything to eat at all in a language you don’t know, let alone that you want bread and pasta and ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE GOOD IN ITALY without sugar. So we gave ourselves a pass. Then, when we got back, we frankly just weren’t motivated to go through the detox phase again. We were drinking soda and eating cookies and finishing the massive amounts of wedding cake that we didn’t get to consume during our actual wedding. Now, we are so close to the holidays that I’m nervous about going through a detox only to physically feel ill when I inevitably eat a slice of pumpkin pie. Because when you don’t eat sugar and then you do eat sugar, you feel sick. Like, deathly ill sometimes.

So we are committing to getting back on track when Nicole runs her next detox course, which is starting January 1 (in case you want to get in on it too!). But in the meantime, we need to start preparing our bodies to ease into the detox. Otherwise, mass chaos when two people are heavily detoxing from sugar. That means cutting back on the hot cocoa and Mallow Bits. Only having one slice of pie on Thanksgiving. Reaching for the whole wheat rolls instead of the delicious homemade white loaf. Making better choices. Not stopping cold turkey (see what I did there?) but just limiting for now. Getting back on track.

And then, when January 1 rolls around, it won’t be so hard. Gradual change is habit-forming. Gradual change is what I know I need to keep walking on my path. I don’t know how long it will take me, probably a lot longer than it took Superwoman Nicole, and I don’t think I’ll ever want to cut sugar out completely. But I’ll get there, to the end of the path, where I want to be.

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