Boys Go to Jupiter to Get More Stupider

  • I’ve been horrible at writing lately. I’m not apologizing, just recognizing that I’ve been absent. Moving on.
  • Since I posted about the Ex, I tried blocking his number via AT&T but they wanted to charge me 5 bucks a month. So I left it for a while until I switched to Verizon. And when I made the switch I inquired what it would take to block a number. And they took care of it right there, free of charge. I am loving Verizon. Not a single dropped call no matter where I am. It’s a little more expensive, but at least I’m getting what I’m paying for.
  • SC refinanced his truck a few months back, right before he moved in. And now my transmission is shot. It’s grinding and it’s going to give out. So we’ve got to get that replaced.
  • My sister came to visit and we crossed something off of my life list. We made a fort in my living room! It was the best fort. And the password was even better: “Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider!” And yes, you had to say it in the rhyme.
  • While my sister was here we also went to the L.A. Zoo. I came up with the genius idea of playing Pokemon Snap, Zoo Edition. We were both talking ALL THE PICTURES of ALL THE ANIMALS trying to get the best shots. Ashley’s phone died so I’m pretty sure that means I won by default. (I also stayed up until 5am to beat the game for us last christmas when I went to visit. I’m dedicated.)
  • Another thing. SC does archery and since Ashley just finished reading The Hunger Games, she heard this and immediately begged us to take her. She wanted to learn to shoot like Katniss. So we went. And I think she hit the target once. Baby steps. (I’m a master, basically. In case you were wondering.)
  • Coming up we’ve got the holidays. So those should be loads of fun. I’m not going anywhere this Christmas because of my seasonal job. I don’t want to risk not getting hired on after December.
  • Also, I’m reading the #twookclub book The Scent of Rain and Lightning. I started super late so I’m not sure if I’ll meet the deadline (when even IS the deadline?) this month, but I had to start somewhere. If I don’t, I’ll definitely write about it here when I finish. I’m really liking it so far, about 40% into it, some people have been giving a little bit of negative feedback so I don’t know. It’s not at all like what I’ve been reading lately, but that’s not really a bad thing.

Until then, amigos.

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