We’re Having a Boy!!

I know I did an update on each week of the first two months, and then I stopped. I stopped for many reasons. But basically, my life and routine were turned upside down (more on that later) and I stopped writing down what I felt each week altogether.

The majority of what went on in those weeks is actually pretty boring. I kept throwing up every morning for the rest of weeks 9-12, then when I hit my second trimester the nausea lightened up tremendously. I still get nauseous in the morning, but as long as I keep up my morning routine I probably won’t get sick. And I feel great for the rest of the day.

Three days before my 14 week appt, I got an excruciating migraine.  The doctor swore he couldn’t prescribe me anything except tylenol (even though I know women who have had other migraine prescriptions while pregnant!) and he said to take that sparingly. Regular Tylenol simply didn’t work. He gave me a small amount of Tylenol 3 and that (combined with a soda) took the edge off the migraine.

When we saw the doctor at week 14, he gave us an 85% chance that we were having a boy, but he couldn’t be sure just yet. Baby was being very modest and wouldn’t uncross his legs!

Then, in week 16 (on SC’s Birthday!) my aunt (the ultrasound tech) had us in for another ultrasound and she gave us the wonderful news that we are definitely having a boy!!


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