BiSC, The Third Year. Part One.

This year started much like last, I made the hour drive to Ashley‘s apartment where I picked her and Nicole up and we headed out to Las Vegas! This time, we started much earlier in the day on Thursday since we got to the hotel SO LATE last year (plus, we were all feeling the jealousies about everyone that flew in a day early!). We got to the hotel, and Nicole almost got smushed in the parking garage elevator door. The door actually closed on Ashley’s bag! It ended up not letting her on and we had to ride it back up to retrieve our lost companion.

We finally got into the Flamingo with all of our body parts intact, checked our bags and headed straight to the bar. We grabbed the drinks and headed up to the 5th floor registration suite. We got off the elevator and were unsure about which way the suite was, but took about five steps and were immediately hit by a wave of chatting people and generally happy sounds.

At this point, it was still slightly awkward. Katherine met us up in the suite, and I also FINALLY got to meet Treavor, Linda and Ashley after they ate at Lotus of Siam. Rachel, the official BiSC photog, was flitting in and out of the room after having a crazy day flying upside down in airplanes at a photoshoot for Jayme. I was seriously so excited about meeting Rachel, as I’d been reading since the beginning of Confessions of a Jersey Girl. It was like being transported back to Year One.

I got quickly acquainted with Brad after a conversation between the two of us, Rachael, Doni, Nicole and a few others about duck sex/rape. How does BiSC always come back to forced animal intercourse? Brad and Rachael did some research and we concluded that female ducks actually have evolved duck-ginas with rape-repellent tendencies. I’m still not entirely sure how it works.

When we were able to check into our rooms at 4pm, we all migrated down to the lobby and a few of us actually managed to get rooms next to each other! Katherine and I were roomies after all (I know all that back and forth anticipation killed you guys) and it was honestly a match made in heaven. We were getting ready one night and she put on some music. I recognized it as The Academy Is… which is my favorite band. I sort of screamed out loud a little and she just replied calmly with an, “I know, that’s why I played them.” How much more perfect can you get than that?

Before heading to the mixer, we made our last stop at the registration suite to pick up our GIFT BAGS! That thing was as heavy as my suitcase! So, of course, as soon as I got into my room I dumped the whole thing out onto the bed. I mean, who didn’t?

At the Welcome Mixer, we got rounds and rounds of free frozen margaritas from the spicy servers at Carlos & Charlie’s. My favorite was the passion fruit. That’s what it was called, right? They also got us to start a conga line and poured free shots into our mouths as we passed. There was maybe some line dancing and booty shaking as well. And before you knew it, we were playing an icebreaker game sponsored by involving a box of business cards (each box contained one card for each attendee) where the object of the game was to get to know each person by returning their business card to them.

It was mayhem on the deck of Carlos and Charlie’s for a few minutes, let me tell you. My strategy was to lay them all out and put them in alphabetical order. Then I’d return them to the people who were closest to me or who were returning mine to me. I don’t know how well it worked, but I definitely wasn’t the first one finished.

After the mixer we headed to Serendipity3, across the street from the Flamingo, and they reserved the whole outside patio seating area (with full view of the strip!) for us AND supplied us with endless drinks and a dessert bar. The highlight of the night was the frozzzen hot chocolate shots. Seriously. I’m not even kidding.

Like every year, we somehow ended up creating our own club atmosphere at Margaritaville. We walked over at about 11pm and I didn’t get to bed until upwards of 2am because I was up DANCING ALL NIGHT LONG. The bottom of my left foot is still bruised from all that “JUMP JUMP-ing” I was doing. Apparently I only jump on one foot. This is the point that Jayme and I got freaky to Dirty Diana. She may or may not have given the DJ a show. I most certainly did not. ¬†However I was spotted doing the worm. That kind of thing only comes around once every few years! It, like the entire first day of BiSC, was epic.

I know, I’m just getting started. But my BiSC trip simply cannot be contained into one post. You guys would be here forever. Stay tuned for Part 2!¬†

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