BiSC, The Third Year. Part 3.

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Saturday morning I woke up feeling much better. I didn’t mention this, but I’d felt really sick toward the end of the night on Friday. And I was super excited because it was CrushHub day. I’d been anxiously awaiting playing the dating game, facebook style ever since I’d heard about it. Plus, hottie mchotterson Chris Biggs over there. Enough said.

So here’s the real story about what happened at brunch. Nicole got up and told us what we’d be doing, which was picking a date for Amber. Then she introduced Chris and he told us the background behind CrushHub and how it’s supposed to work. Basically, it’s like a dating site on Facebook. But this “game” lets you suggest your Facebook friends to be matched with each other, and then all of your friends vote on which suggestion is the best match.

Each table got a pad of blank faces so we could draw our real life pieces of hunk for Amber to choose. The winning table (the table who presented the bachelor that Amber chose) each got 20 bucks cash from CrushHub, the person who presented the match got 100 bucks! Oh, and CrushHub is going to sponsor Amber’s date. Which is in Costa Rica, where she’ll be staying when she meets her Costa Rican surfer hottie with six-pack abs.

We didn’t win. But I think that was because we weren’t allowed to present Amber with who I still believe is her perfect love match. Jenna and I drew a pretty fantastic rendition (I was in charge of the eye section) of …drumroll… none other than Chris Biggs himself. Nicole immediately vetoed that presentation, so as not to embarrass Amber or Chris. But Jenna presented him with his own “dating profile” as a laugh anyway, since we’d already done the work.

After CrushHub brunch, there was a choose-your-own-activity afternoon. But I chose no activity in favor of laying by the pool with Jayme and also catching up on my Lucky Bloke PLEASURE PACK contest. We had to tweet pictures that spelled out the words pleasure pack, where each letter stood for another word (ex. sensual for S and unique for U, etc.) I think I completed it?!? There were so many it was hard to keep track. Also, when we were by the pool, we caught up with the bachelor boys from the day before who now had a $500 cabana. So we stole some shade from them for a while.

We didn’t stay down there for long before we decided to leave, and I went up to my room to start getting ready. Dinner was scheduled waaayyy before Chateau, so I just threw some stuff on and went down to happy hour with Bob, Nicole, and Jenna at Sin City Brewing Co. We sat there for a few hours and just chatted it up. After a while, people started trickling down. Then it was off to Planet Hollywood for dinner. This buffet was my favorite, even more so than Paris. And while we were there, the Miss America contestants came in to eat. Yeah, you heard right. Beauty queens actually EAT. At buffets!

Somewhere between the fullest belly ever and the hotel room, Katherine and I got changed for the club. We met in Nicole’s room, where we were told there’d be a POPchips party (since there was a shipping mishap and they arrived late). There was also LOTS of condoms. I stole a bunch.

Chateau was amazing, as VIP club service always is. We got 3 tables with bottle service and our own roped off dance floor, or at least that’s what we made our area into, on the rooftop of the Paris. Right under the Eiffel tower. Of course, everyone want to leave super early for some reason, so I don’t feel like I got nearly enough time dancing. I also feel like some old man though that Grace and I were whores he’d buy a drink for and take home for the night. So he bought us a (nasty) drink and we ran away. There were also really creepy cirque-esque performers there. Like, a man dressed in bondage accessories and wearing a horse head, for example.

Then the night got blurry. There was meeting up with people at some sort of food establishment and awkward turtles with underwear showing caught on camera so I’m not going to show that ANYWHERE (for Terra‘s* sake), and tackle hugs that left bruises, and people leaving much earlier than they were supposed to, and hanging out in garden chairs on the patio of the Flamingo until 5am waiting for Lauren to have to leave.

And I think most of us got hardly any sleep (some of us got none at all). But we had to wake up the next morning for the worst part of BiSC: the farewell brunch. Also known as the wig brunch. Also known as the time I morphed into Rainbow Brite (partially) for the third year in a row. Also known as, how did I function with such a headache. Also known as, at least Brandy seemed like she had it worse than me and I’m selfish so I relish things like that. Also known as, WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH ALL THE CRAWDADS?!?! GET THOSE THINGS OUT OF ALL OF THE PICTURES THEY ARE FREAKING GROSS. yuck.

Oh, and the VEDA-ers at BiSC gathered together.

And then it was over. Just like that.

*Oh, most of the pictures I’ve used in these 3 posts? It was either me (crappy quality), Rachel (official BiSC photog), or Terra (goddess with a camera)
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