BiSC, Comparison & Initial Reaction

I’m totally going to do my normal play-by-play review, but I thought that this year I’d add a little twist to my story before I did so. In the past, I haven’t really talked about the relationships I’ve formed through BiSC in my follow up posts. I guess I just kinda thought I’d be saying all the things everyone was already saying and I didn’t want to be a broken record. But then I realized that I won’t have any record of the relationships that I’VE formed in 20 years when the other BiSC-ers may or may not still have blogs. I want to be able to look back and remember exactly how I felt.

Year 2

The second year was my first at BiSC, I was 21. I remember being so nervous. I’d had a few roommate mishaps, with two girls pulling out at the last minute. I drove all the way from SoCal by myself. The rooms weren’t ready, so I couldn’t even put on makeup before the mixer. I thought I was doomed. But, you know what? So not true. I met Jamie, Leland and Jess and I immediately knew the trip would be a blast. Those girls are a serious blast. I think that we just clicked instantly. honestly, I felt like we’d known each other for years even though I hadn’t even read a single thing from any of them. We laughed until we cried and drank until (nearly) dawn the whole weekend. One of the nights, Jess even slept over in my bed. I’m not really quite sure how that happened other than that I woke up in bed next to her the next morning. I was absolutely obliterated drunk the entire time that first year. And while I felt like everyone thought I was super fun, I still have a hard time remembering things that other people tell me about from that year. I vowed to have at least SOME sober moments after that.

Regardless of the drunkenness, I made some lasting connections in those four days. I met and Molly when she was still Molly Mahar and confessed to her that I had always read Stratejoy as STRAIGHT- JOY.  I think that was the alcohol talking, thought totally true. After talking with her, I could feel the joy and the authenticity radiating from her core, and I knew I’d have to get more involved in her community.  I know I can always count on these people for advice and a good time. Jenny Blake and I danced our LIVES away at Diablos.  And there was Katelin, who I’d been following/reading/stalking for a few years before that. I was sort of starstruck meeting her, but she was so down to earth and actually excited about finally meeting me!

I think this was the biggest thing I took away from that first year: Even if you have <10 readers; even if you are the person that knows and reads EVERYONE’S blog but think’s that no one reads yours; even if no one actually reads yours, you will still find someone who has heard of you. And when you aren’t a popular blogger, finding out that someone has heard of you is really the best thing. That small gesture gave me the confidence to really start coming out of my shell and develop a life online, not just a persona. That year changed my life forever.

Year 3

My second year was like being the senior class in high school compared to the freshman noob status of Year 2. By then, I was known as Rainbow Brite or just jennbizzle. Almost no one in the blogosphere just calls me Jenn, and I’m okay with that. I remember being so excited to meet Maxie, and she did not disappoint. We immediately hit it off and I think we had some inside jokes after ten minutes of talking. And I probably sexually assaulted more times than I can count on all the digits I possess.

This was also the year that I drove up with Nico, Ashley, and Nicole (Katherine joined us on the way back). If I developed connections the first year, I easily blew those away with the solid friendships that I made in my second year. (When reminiscing about BiSC, does anyone feel like they are talking about their time spent at Hogwarts?)

I had a girl-date with Megan, whom I adore and miss so incredibly much. I met Caryn and realized that she’s the actual most genuinely kind person. I can never get enough of that girl. Terra and I had the most amazing conversations by the pool, I could use a few more of those and a LOT more of her in my life. I probably flirted with Bob at some point, or maybe at a lot of points. Jenny and I reprised our roles as dancer extraordinaires. And you know what? I still talk to ALL of these people outside of BiSC. My life was made so much richer by attending BiSC 3.0.

Year 4

If Year 2 was my senior year, then the third year was like alumni status coming back to the homecoming football game. This year was a lot of things. And most of those I still haven’t completely processed. But I felt like I was just going to hang out with a bunch of my friends for a weekend in Vegas. And I also don’t drink NEARLY as much as I used to, so there was a lot more real-life, grown up stuff going on, too.

This was by far my favorite year, roommate-wise. Katherine and I, we just get each other. We didn’t have to explain anything to each other in terms of living with on another for four days. It just went so smoothly. And what’s more, we enjoyed each other’s company the entire time! She decided to put on some music to get us pumped for the night and she chose my favorite band to listen to BECAUSE it was my favorite. We tried desperately to get her into a dress with a malfunctioning zipper (with the help of Nick), we caught each other up on all the things we haven’t talked about in months (and some things that can only really be talked about face-to-face), and we just generally enjoyed each other’s company.

There were so many amazing conversations had that weekend. Nicole, Jenna, Bob, and I had deliciously fun conversations at happy hour at Sin City Brewing Co. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Tiffany by the pool, spending time with Jayme and a host of bachelors two days in a row, sexy dinner conversation with Melissa and Simone, pool time spent cheering on Mikael at the booty shaking contest (and consequently losing my voice), All the conversations that I flitted in and out of like a social butterfly over frozen hot chocolate, and I can’t forget being Grace’s wing-woman on the rooftop of Chateau and dealing with the CREEPIEST of old men.

This year was just so much more casual for me. I just felt like we were all catching up. And I know that doing that also meant I didn’t build as many new relationships this time. But I think I’m okay with that.

And, guys. I know I’m forgetting so much and so many people who were there with me doing and saying awesome things. That’s the thing about a weekend filled with alcohol. I just can’t remember for the life of me! I’m SORRY!
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