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I finally did it. I’ve been struggling for the past six months or so to choose my right path in the blogosphere. I had a blog, you see, for over five years. My life is in that blog. You can learn almost everything that there is to learn there. And I’m proud of that.

But I never tried to hide my identity. I’m not a fake person and I felt like hiding myself would become a representation of that. So, over the years, people from my personal life found my little corner of the internet. And it got to a point that knowing those people read what I had to say and then went behind my back with that information to other people in my personal life affected my writing.

I didn’t want to write what came from my heart because I knew that it would be degraded behind my back. I started doing useless posts about celebrities and memes. And while that is all great fluff stuff that I’m going to continue on this blog, it’s not why I write.

I write for my own therapy. I write to remember how I felt. I write to stay connected to great friends that live all over the world.

But I was scared to move on, so it took me several months to be ready to say goodbye to the past five years and move ahead on my journey to find my happiest and most fulfilling life. I’m here now. I’m ready to start fresh. I’m so happy that you all have found a way to follow me here. And I’m excited for the things to come.

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