All The Rainbow Love: Swag Bag Sponsors!

If you attended Bloggers in Sin City, you got an awesome swag bag filled with tons of awesome stuff. This is the point in which I gush about said stuff. Yes, I’m going to be totally honest. Yes, some of the things were FABULOUS. No, I didn’t like all of the products. You’ll see what I mean.

The biggest item in the gift bag [BY FAR] was the gigantic bottle of Dragonfruit Infused SKYY Vodka. This wasn’t even the run of the mill sized bottle. It’s the bottle that is too tall to fit on the lower shelf in your cabinet so you have to throw it all the way on top to the shelf with more overhead space! It’s gigantic. And it’s delicious. I hate the taste of vodka. But I poured about a shot into a glass with some 7UP and I couldn’t even taste it. It tasted like Dragonfruit 7UP. [PS, 7UP people: take note. Create Dragonfruit flavored 7UP.] And I got buzzed off one tiny little glass. Amazeballs.

Babeland is probably my favorite company ever. Last year, they sent me home with THREE sex toys, including the We-Vibe. This year was a little bit of a disappointment compared to that. I’m still loving the toys I got last year, but I didn’t win any this year. I guess the boys got a cock ring in their gift bags to supplement the fact that they couldn’t exactly sport the panties that were given away, or at least couldn’t admit to it on the internet. But I WANTED A COCK RING! That’s my next purchase, since Babeland also gave us TWO 10% off codes through the month of June. This year they sent us home with the reusable tote with their logo that everything came in [can’t wait to bag my groceries with that one!], tiny pins with pictures of vibrators on them, and Good Head lip balm. I find the balm to be very… lubricating. I’ll let you know what my boyfriend thinks.

Sir Richards gave us a pack of three condoms. I, uh, already used two of them so I think they were called “Pleasure Dots”, “Ultra Thin”, and “Classic Ribbed”? I have a shitload of Trojan ribbed ones so that’s the one I haven’t used. I tried the pleasure dots one right away. [What? I was away from my boo for 4 days for this trip!] It was an amazing sack session, but I’m not sure if that can be attributed to the condom or to the fact that I hadn’t had sex in 4 days. The thin one was excellent. And SirRichard’s gave away a year’s supply to one of the early registers. I’m seriously considering ordering a year’s supply myself. These condoms are fantastic. Much better than Trojan, which has been my go-to brand up until this point. Also? SirRichard’s is a little like TOMS shoes. For every condom your purchase, one condom is donated to a developing country. That’s my vagina, fighting AIDS one sex at a time. 

So with the PopChips, there was this big contest. Take an interesting picture with the bag of popchips and receive a year’s supply. I tried these babies and instantly knew I didn’t want to compete. There’s no way I could replace my Harvest Cheddar SunChips with these imitation chips. They are like the rice cakes of the chip world. I got salted vinegar flavor, which may have been a huge contributing factor to my dislike, but I didn’t really like the texture either. Sorry, PopChips, I’m not sold.

Bitter Baking Co. is fully of snarky deliciousness. Seriously, take a peek at their Fathers Day cookies. They’re hilarious. They made us a signature cookie with our BiSC logo in icing on the top of a deliciously soft sugar cookie. I expected this cookie to be hard as a rock coming out of the package, but it definitely wasn’t. I drunkenly ate it as soon as I got my gift bag. And then I preached about it all weekend.

Urban Therapy supplied us with a small bottle of Twisted Sista anti-frizz serum. I currently use Garnier Fructis anti-frizz serum, but I’m not entirely sold. This stuff actually smells better than Garnier! And it works. It doesn’t leave my hair greasy AT ALL. Previously, if I wanted to try for second day hair, there was no way I could use the Garnier stuff. I’d be a ball of oil before my head hit the pillow on day one. I’ve actually gone for third day hair with this stuff! OF course, it wasn’t as pretty on day three, but it never is. My only complaint? You have to use a lot more product and they gave us such a tiny bottle! I wish I had more! 

nuNAAT provided us with an anti-frizz serum as well. This stuff is all natural, so that’s a plus. But to be honest, I’ve been so hooked on the Twisted Sista, I’ve only tried this one once. It worked about as well as any other frizz product, but it didn’t blow me away so I’ve been using the Twisted Sista ever since. Anthough, they did give us a bigger bottle. I’ll be set for frizz products for a year now. 

My experience with Hair Flairs has been a roller coaster. When I first saw them, I was super excited. I wanted to put them in right away. I tested them with my flat iron first, and they straightened and curled nicely. But then I went to put them in, they wouldn’t stay. I tried about 10 different ways. Hair wet, hair dry, the loop knot, a regular knot, a few strands of hair, a chunk of hair, actually knotting the flair with strands of hair. Nothing worked. I was tempted to glue them in like a track with nail glue [Because that’s all I had] just to conquer the stupid flairs. But after 30 minutes of extensive work, I gave up. And they’ve been sitting in their pretty little package ever since.

EDIT TO ADD: After writing this post, I decided to try again. I watched the video tutorial like 20 times, did everything they asked, and I got it to work! I am now sporting three strands of tinsel in my hair. Why only three? Because it was still frustrating as hell trying to tie all these knots without letting my hair slip out, and doing it all BACKWARDS in a mirror. The verdict: Not as bad as I originally thought, still a hassle to apply by yourself. And cute. Very cute.

Build A Sign made us custom Bloggers in Sin City stickers, which is currently stuck to the top of my laptop. My laptop is covered in stickers. And I had to cover up the sticker of my favorite band, The Academy Is…, to find a proper place for this one. That’s dedication, right there. But seriously, I love the sticker.

Pink Kisses donated a bright pink koozie, a sticker, and a temporary tattoo. I like this company, I like the idea behind it, I’m just not quite sure how that fits in with BiSC. Also? Totally rocking that temporary tattoo. 

ThinkGeek gave us awesome panties to wear that say “I’m blogging this.” How perfect is that? My only complaint is that they aren’t a thong, because i only wear regular panties on period days and… what a waste of awesome panties. Whatever, they’re American Apparel so they fit nicely and my boyfriend doesn’t mind. I’ll probably just end up sleeping in them all the time.

Pear Bureau Northwest gave us a guide to pear cocktails. I’m not one to mix up fabulous drinks very often, so this probably isn’t going to do much but sit on my shelf. This might have been more helpful if we had been given some product to try out a recipe with? I don’t know. All I know is that my Twisted Sista leaked all over my book and I had to wash it off. One point in their favor? Plastic coated cover. 

I hate coconut. The only thing coconutty that I’ll even go near is some delicious Girl Scout cookies. I tried the coconut water. I really went into it with an open mind. But it made me want to vomit. Pomegranate coconut? Fuck no. 

Last but CERTAINLY not least, I give you Sprayology Party Relief Spray. Sprayology gave us an entire $22 bottle of this stuff. And I am so glad that they did. When I first heard about this product, I wasn’t convinced. $22 for a tiny 1.38 oz bottle of natural ingredients is going to cure my hangover? And I have to remember to spray it under my tongue every hour that I’m drinking? That’s not going to happen. But I gave it a good effort. And it tasted a little funny at first, but not nearly as “funny” as vomit. And it worked like a charm. Even people who didn’t spray it at all the night before, sprayed it once in the morning and felt better! This product really is a miracle in a tiny bottle.

We also received these bright orange stickers that said “Cream Your Pie” but I don’t have the slightest clue which company they came from. Also, they freaked my out a little. But, I put one on my laptop anyway. I figure it’s at least a conversation piece.

Disclaimer: None of these companies gave me any money or asked me to write reviews. In fact, I’m sure a few of them won’t even like what I have to say. They provided the products free of charge to a group of 60 bloggers in a gift bag for a blogger event. 
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