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Adore Me Review

As part of the XO VoxBox (review coming soon!), I was given the opportunity to sign up for one free shipment from AdoreMe, the lingerie subscription service. They offer anything from an everyday bra and panty set to something more lacy & sultry. They also offer wedding sets and corsets. Each set is regularly $40.00 per month. Because I received this product for review, I’ve got a treat for my readers! Read on for more info about a special offer. 

About the Product

Adore Me redefines lingerie to make beautiful fashion affordable for every body. Feel sexy, have fun, and adore the new you! You’ll love the flexible VIP Membership, there are tons of benefits and perks! Enjoy fashion-forward lingerie from $39.95, every 6th set free, exclusive VIP designs, sneak peeks and much more! You don’t need to shop every month, all you need to do is visit your showroom before the fifth and either shop or skip. We’ll send you reminder emails, but if you forget, no worries! You’ll be charged a $39.95 store credit to use anytime—and if you don’t want this store credit, they have a convenient 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy. You’ll adore the VIP life!

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My Review

piperFor my first monthly shipment, which I received for free, I chose the Piper Contour DD+. No, I’m definitely not going to model the product myself. You’ll have to let that beautiful plus-sized model over there do the modeling for you.

Since I just stopped nursing within the last two months, I’ve still been wearing my nursing bras. This is because (1) My old bras don’t fit anymore, (2) I spent A LOT of money on nursing bras, (3) They are SUPER comfortable, (4) I’ve been too busy to even think about going bra shopping to figure out my new size.

With that in mind, AdoreMe gives you a handy chart/tutorial to find your measurements. However, I was too lazy and so I just guessed at what I thought my size might be. Tuns out I was pretty damn close! I could have gone up one size in the band, but the cups are a great fit! Also, dear lord are they going to stay this big forever?

I thought I’d go with something that looked a little romantic for the Valentine’s Day theme, but still something I could wear everyday, since I don’t have any regular bras! I wish that the underwear were a thing, but apparently all plus-sized girls like full coverage panties because they didn’t offer a thong with this style, or any other style I was interested in. You should also note that I don’t wear plus-sized clothing in any other store I’ve ever shopped with. But my boobs are big so that puts me in the plus-sized category on AdoreMe.

piper_brief_a1_webI’ve worn the bra and panty set for about a week, and I find that (even with a band extender) the rubber on the band digs into my skin until I have red lines. That isn’t very comfortable. Also, there isn’t much flexibility in the shoulder straps. I’d like them to be tight, but not digging into my shoulders. I couldn’t find an adjustment that gave me the happy medium.

The design was so cute! And the way the bra fit in the cups was perfect. I also loved the way the underwear fit. I wish they were either shorties or a thong, but the fit felt comfortable. One other thing is that I wish the design on the underwear carried onto the back more cohesively. It looks like they just designed the front half and slapped some mesh on the back.

The bottom line is that I just can’t afford to not be comfortable while holding a little one all day. I have so little time to worry about myself that I need something that will make me feel good above all else.

  • Likes: The design and the cup size fit.
  • Dislikes: The band fit and the lack of options for my size.
  • Would I Purchase? I do not think I’ll continue my VIP membership because I feel that I can probably find a more comfortable bra at the same price point in a department store.

What do you think about AdoreMe? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

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