All of the things.

I swear I want to update more than I do. Life is just so monotonous lately I forget to click on over to wordpress.

So what’s going on? SC and I have hit 6 months. I told my mom that I want her to meet him because I’m going to marry him. All she said was, “Wait.” And would you like to know why? “Because I need to get at least three kids through college first. I don’t have a wedding fund.” I just told her that I wasn’t expecting her to have a wedding fund for 6 kids (3 girls). And that I’m not waiting. I asked Aunt B to back me up (we were video conferencing about our upcoming trip to see my brother graduate HS in Texas) and she just said (all nonchalant-like) “Yeah, probably.” And then she followed up with, “She’s not waiting. If he asked her, she’s going to be jumping down the aisle.” Which? Totally true.

Oh, yeah. I’m going to Texas in June. I did this last year for my sister’s HS grad. Now it’s my brother’s turn. All these kids just need to be done graduating already. It’s costing me too much money. Someone’s gotta have a wedding fund around here.

But before I go to Texas? I’M GOING TO BLOGGERS IN SIN CITY! I went last year and it was the most fun ever. You’ll remember me as Rainbow Mutha-Fucking Brite. Yes, I wore a Rainbow Brite costume. No, I wasn’t the only one in a costume. Yes, I’m probably going to do it again at some point this year. And this time, I will be the only one in a costume.

And hey, in between those two trips, which consists of 8 days, I’m going camping for Memorial Day weekend. Here’s what I’m saying. In the next 30 days, I’ll be in 3 different states. I’m driving to Texas and Vegas and 2 hours north in California. on the upside, all my trips are going to be with AMAZINGpants people. I mean, The Vegas Party Car consists of myself, Ashley, Nico, Katherine, and Nicole. And apparently cardboard Jenn and Phampants?

I’m super stressed about all of this. But I’m also super excited.

Mostly, I’m excited about Vegas right now. I’m excited to: wear my Black, White, & Gold outfit, hang out by the pool and drink, learn yoga (possibly while drunk) from the amazing Jenny & Doni, have an open bar while getting to know all the other #BiSC-ers, be roomies with Tara, drive with all the cool party car peeps, party at PURE nightclub while is in the DJ booth, and for the gift bags/contests/giveaways! AWESOME FREE STUFF YAY! AWESOME PEOPLE YAY! AWESOME VEGAS YAY!

… i think i’m way too excited for my own good. no more caps allowed in this post.

as ashley says, “i love your faces.”

see you in vegas, lovelies.

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