Two Thousand Eleven: A Year in Review

In previous years, I’ve done a recap of my year in posts. I even wrote about the past decade of my life in 2010. This is my first one on this blog, but I’m excited to share my year with you!





I stepped away from my past and started this blog. I was ending a chapter and I needed a change. I couldn’t handle all the weight of my past relationships anymore. Because I couldn’t handle it, I didn’t write. It became a chore for me to even post. So I walked away. And then I came to a new place. A better place.

I talked about my two great loves, and compared them to Dawson’s Creek and Sex and the City. This is still one of my favorite life theories.

I made the last steps in getting over The Ex.

I ran a series about my five favorite things on a number of subjects called 5ives.





I went back to school to finish my transfer credits.

I had a naughty dream.

I ran a series on the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, GreedGluttony, & Lust.

I showed you my California accent.

For some reason, I kept feeling things about the Ex. So I wrote about them.

And then I fell in love with SC.




I listened to some music and had a dream. It must have been uneventful. Either that or I spent all month having sex. Probably the latter.





SC turned 24 & his nephew was born.

I started participating in Ten on Tuesdays.

My dog ate a used condom.

My unconscious self worked on getting over The Ex.

I dreamt I was on a Bachelor spin-off show.




I became a Clever Girl.

That led me to post my very first giveaway! (And across an item off my Life List!)

I ranted about 5 fabulous ladies.

I went to Bloggers in Sin City 2011. There were sponsors. And swag bags. And I still can’t believe I wrote FIVE freaking posts about #BiSC.




I started reading Infinite Jest and a part of the Infinite Summer program that @writetoreach Ashley mapped out for us. Did you ever finish, Ashley?

I went majorly mushy.

The Ex Texts were really starting to cause problems.

I wrote about what turns me on to life.

I rehashed some old flings.

I cut my hair off!

I fell in love with all things post-apocalyptic. This obsession hasn’t ended. I’m on episode 5 of The Walking Dead, counting down the days until The Hunger Games comes out in March, and I’m still reading tons of books about the collapse of society.





At this point, I was still reading Infinite Jest. But I’m pretty sure I was behind. And completely positive that I was frustrated.

And then I dreamt the dream that inspired the most popular post I’ve ever written.It’s called “He was eye-fucking me during the whole performance.” Can you tell why it gets the most traffic?

SC broke his collar bone. Kaiser sucks ass.





I hardly blogged during the month of August because  was way too fucking busy recording vlogs every day for VEDA.

I did manage to post a sponsored giveaway for Sprayology.

SC and I vlogged together, It’s really adorbz. You’ll probably puke. There’s also an entire blooper reel dedicated to this shoot.

I finished Infinite Jest and I did it on time. (sidenote: I hated that book.)





Jenny Blake inspired me and I got overwhelmed.

I continued to post VEDA videos from the previous month because I was completely burnt out on the internet.



I turned 23 and SC got a new job and moved in and we went to Disneyland and I got a job at Michael’s and WHEW!

Nico, Hung, Ashley, SC and I had a VEDA meetup in Pasadena while Hung was visiting from Canada, eh?



The VEDA-ers put out a call for a time capsule themed video, and I responded.

My sister visited from MA and we made a huge tent out of sheets and clothespins and chairs and christmas lights and it was amazing. We also went to the L.A. Zoo and learned to shoot with a bow and arrows at the archery range in town (SC is basically Robin Hood).

I switched cell phone service providers (from AT&T a.k.a. the worst service ever to Verizon where I have not had a single dropped call in almost three months thankyouverymuch) and I got an iPhone 4.

I joined the #twookclub. We read The Scent of Rain and Lightning.




I baked a lot. Cherry Cobbler, TONS of cookies, and I made Cowboy Cookies in a jar as Christmas presents.

My sisters and I started a youtube channel called The Bert’s Bees.

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