The Warehouse, Part One

Sometimes I see something that helps me understand what it used to be like. A billboard that hasn’t fallen over yet with just a bit of paper left in one corner, or the remains of a building I was told was once a movie theater. I wonder what it would be like to watch pictures come to life? All I know is, that world may as well have been a fairytale because it’s never coming back.

In these days, exactly 27 years and 4 months after everything changed, we all just try to keep our heads down and stay off the radar. No one wants to end up like them. Gone.

It wasn’t like we were breaking in. The thing was abandoned, everyone knew that. Ever since I was a kid I’d been told the stories. One day they all just vanished. The thing is, we just had to risk being caught. Our group was running out of things we need to survive. Everyone always had enough until one day we didn’t. Between bartering with leaders of other groups for supplies, information, security, and new additions to our group we just didn’t account for the loss. We were desperate and we needed to act.

Being the leader’s daughter, I’d grown up overhearing stories about the warehouse. Just after everything changed, a large group of people were taken there. They tried to hide it, so of course everyone knew. Every once in a while someone would catch a glimpse of kids playing on the roof through the trees, and of course there were the shipments that went in full and came out empty. But there was one thing no one knew. Why?

After a few years, my dad said, everything just stopped. No more children, no more shipments. The surrounding area started to become overgrown. But the building stayed strong. The story goes that they all disappeared one night and no one knows how. It was like something shifted in the air, and then they were gone.

That’s how we know it’s empty. No one knows exactly what is inside that warehouse now. It could be the way to save our group. That’s why I’ve got to go.

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