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Sometime last year, e.l.f. had a huge sale, as they often do, and I scored a massive haul. I scoured beauty blogs to find all of the highly recommended items and snatched them up. Now that I’ve had tons of time to use the items and incorporate them into my daily beauty routine, I’m going to share my unabashed thoughts. I’ll talk about the products that I can’t live without and the ones that I just can’t find a place for in my routine. This post is focused on the e.l.f. Mascara Primer, which I’ll never not use again. It’s one of the best e.l.f. products by far.

About the Product

Jennbizzle Reviews: e.l.f. Mascara PrimerLengthen and volumize eyelashes instantly with this Mascara Primer. Revitalize lashes with Pro-Vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Wheat and Soy Protein-enriched formula. An excellent conditioning base for mascara. Coat each lash with this nourishing primer for lashes that appear naturally thicker, longer and stronger!

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My Review

I rememeber first trying this primer. First of all, I didn’t really feel like I needed a primer for my eyelashes. And I thought, “Is the beauty industry just trying to capitalize on this primer fad by coming out with primers for EVERYTHING?” But it came highly recommended, so I bought it and tried it.

Putting it on for the first time, I wasn’t exactly sure what I should do. Should I let it dry, or should I apply mascara right away? I ended up applying mascara while it was wet at first. And, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really notice a difference at first.

Jennbizzle Reviews: e.l.f. Mascara Primer

As it turns out, the directions say to let the primer dry fully before applying mascara. So then I tried it that way, too. I found that my mascara looked clumpier and it was harder to apply when letting the primer dry. So I went back to my first instinct.

I used it for about a week and it looked fine, but I was still wondering if I needed the extra step. So I stopped using it. When I did, I realized how different my eyelashes really looked without it. I realized that my mascara came off much easier during the day if  I didn’t use the primer first. And it didn’t go on nearly as smooth, either.

So I started wearing it again and I’ve been wearing it ever since!

  • Likes: It’s such a dramatic improvement to my eye routine that I couldn’t imagine ever not using this mascara primer.
  • Dislikes: The only real negative I can see is that it’s an extra step in my routine, but it’s SO worth it!
  • Would I Purchase? I’m literally scraping the bottom of the tube now. This perfect three dollar product has lasted me more than a year! And I’ll definitely be purchasing more as soon as I spot another e.l.f sale!

What do you think about the e.l.f. Mascara Primer? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
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