Review: Crown Brush 6-Piece HD Brush Set

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Last month, I received my first product from iFabbo! I got it in the mail in the same week as my holiday palette, so I decided to try them out together.

About the Product

Crown Brush is recognized by the beauty industry as the global leader in cosmetic brushes. With over 30 years of brush making experience, Crown manufactures and delivers products to over 80 countries worldwide. This 6 piece HD Cosmetic Brush Set with Mirror, Tweezer and case are vegan friendly and perfect for applying High Definition cosmetics, liquids, creams, and powders.  All the brushes in the kit are made with high grade synthetic fiber.

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  • Included: Six brushes (Powder, Blush, Contour, Shadow, Crease, Liner), tweezers, mirror and matching case.
  • Retail Price: $27.95 (on sale now for $16.77!!)
  • Discount Code: Additional 20% off your purchase with promo code iFabboHD. Expiration date: 12/31/2013
  • Availability: On the Crown Brush website

My Review

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  • Likes: Since my initial review in the video, I have used the brushes nearly every day. I have only had one single hair fall out of the powder brush. they pick up the product very nicely but don’t absorb a lot of the product. I like that so much because it means that I’m not wasting any product! 
  • Dislikes: The first time  used the brushes, my skin was a little irritated. However, I kept using them and the irritation was only a one time occurrence. The mirror in the case is basically useless, as I can’t even see a clear image of myself in it. And the tweezers are so sharp that they cut my eyebrow hairs before I have a chance to pull out the hair.
  • Would I Purchase? I would purchase these brushes because of their quality, probably only the individual ones that I need though. Especially right now, because of the incredible deals at Crown Brush! 

What do you think about the Crown Brush set? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

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