On Being Semi-Anonymous

You know what? When you’ve been writing about your life without hiding anything for the better part of six years, it’s really hard to flip the switch and decide to filter what you say. I’m not going to blur myself in pictures or lie and say  I live in Australia. But I’m resolving to be more cautious. I’m not going to spill my whole name or the names of anyone in my life all over the internet. I’m not going to post anything revealing too much. If you wanted to, if you really needed to know everything about me, you could find it. But you could probably do that without reading anything I’ve ever written. I’m just not going to be blatant with my information. And by doing this, hopefully I won’t encounter the same issues I had before. Hopefully I can create a sanctuary to write exactly what I think and feel. That’s what I loved most about blogging when I started and that’s why I am a blogger.

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