November 2016 Boxycharm

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Jennbizzle Reviews November Boxycharm

The November 2016 Boxycharm has a $135 value and includes:

1. @vintagecosmetics Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter

This highlighter is a beautiful rose gold shade with staying power. The pan size is very large, comparable or maybe even a bit larger than a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector compact. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever run out. The highlight is somewhere between a subtle shimmer and a blinding glow. It would also be extremely beautiful as a blush topper!

2. @skyniceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen 

The product dispenses from a hole in the top of the pen. The applicator looks similar to a lip balm tube. This style of packaging really helps to spread the gel evenly under your eye, similar to the way you’d use a lip balm applicator to spread the product over your lips. It’s cooling, but not overly tingly. I didn’t notice an immediate difference, but I don’t have extremely puffy eyes and this may be a product that you have to use consistently to see a result.

3. @bellapierreofficial Kissproof Lip Creme in Antique Pink

The shade and formulation of this liquid lipstick is on par with many of the brands that are out today. It may even be a bit more comfortable than Colourpop!

4. @crownbrush C513 Pro Detail Crease Brush

This bullet crease brush is stiff and a bit rough, but that does work to place and smudge the product really precisely. It’s not one that I reach for all the time, but it definitely has a value in my brush collection.

5. @studiomakeupofficial Eyeshadow Palette in Cool Down

This was the holy grail product in the box for most people. Personally, I only really like a few of these shades .the formula is so all over the place that one pan can be extremely pigmented and easy to blend, and then next is patchy and doesn’t show up well. The ones that are good are really good. The others aren’t worth anything.

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