My Open Letter to All The #BiSC-uits Everywhere

I’ve bee trying to find the words to explain exactly what #BiSC has meant to me over the past five years. They just don’t come easily. I got home and everyone asked how “my blog thing in Vegas went” and I just said, “good.” Because really, how do you tell someone who’s never read a blog (not even mine!) what going to Bloggers in Sin City means? And how do you describe the way that leaving made giant tears well in your eyes so you couldn’t see the road in front of you? Or sobbing in front of in-n-out. How do you describe that to someone who doesn’t get it? I can’t even articulate it to SC, the one person IRL who knows what blogging means to me. I know that BiSC has changed me fundamentally. I know that most of this change took place in the first year. And I know that everything I learned about myself and the goodness of everyone involved in the #BiSC tribe was only reinforced in the following years.

The only thing that comes to mind when I think about trying to express myself is my favorite quote from the series finale of ¬†Dawson’s Creek.



It felt like acceptance. It felt like I had a best friend for the first time ever. It felt like I was understood. It felt like, with encouragement from these people, I could accomplish anything that I’d been told I couldn’t do. It felt like love and happiness and home.

I know that it’s kind of taboo to single a few people out of the crowd to mention, but there are some that really touched me in ways that I could never express and I want them to know that. Terra, Katherine, Megan, Brandy, Bob, Molly, Jenny, Doni, Jamie, Jess, San, Kaci, Swapp, Caryn, Nicole, Ashley, Tiff, Jayme.

You’ve changed me.




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