A Woman’s Guide To Must Have Clothes

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As busy women (and moms, in my case!), we’re always adapting to different situations and running here or there for this special occasion and that playdate. That’s why I’m excited to share my fashion picks with you. Here are four items you MUST HAVE in your wardrobe.

Little Black Dress

littleblackdressYou’ve always heard it: you need to have a little black dress in your arsenal. It’s true. You should have a dress that you can pull out at the last minute that will fit in at any event. One that’s professional enough for work, but that you can dress up for a night out on the town or down for a casual lunch date in the park. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though: it doesn’t need to be black!

It shouldn’t be white, because then you’d never be able to wear it to a wedding! And it shouldn’t be overly patterned, so that floral frock is out! Think classic colors, neutrals, or muted tones. A solid foundation can be useful for adding pops of color with accessories. That way, just a small shift in jewelry, scarves, belts, etc. can completely change the look in minutes!

(Extra-long) Camis

camisI don’t know how many times a simple cami has saved me from a bare midriff or a little too much cleavage. And the length is important. If you are trying to battle a shirt that’s just a bit too short, a cami that’s the same length isn’t going to help much. Some people might disagree but for this mom, an extra-long cami in every color is a must.

Classic Heels (or Flats)

Nude, white, or black – It doesn’t matter what color they are. As long as they’re neutral, they’ll go with anything! Save your bright red stunners for a special occasion. There’s definitely a time and place for any extraordinary piece of shoe art. But for this list, a simple (not too high) heel will seal the deal.


For those of us who rarely dust off our dancing shoes, a classic black or nude flat will do just as well most of the time. I’d still suggest actually owning a pair of heels, but they may not be the beat for daily use with an active toddler. As for me? Mine only get pulled out a handful of times a year. But when I put them on, I’m ready to ROCK them!


spanxWe’re definitely not all a size zero. And even those who are sometimes have a little here or a little there that they’d light to smooth out. That’s why, no matter your size, a piece of shapewear (or two!) is a lifesaver. Personally, I own an open-bust tank to wear with a blouse and slacks, and a pair of high-waisted shorts that can be worn under a dress so my thighs don’t rub. I like to have the option of no panty lines!




Whether you’re attending the Marine Corps ball or chasing a toddler around the playground, these four items will be flexible enough to withstand your packed schedule! Do you have any must have clothes you’d add to my list. I’d love to hear all about them. Share your thoughts in the comments below or @jennbizzle on twitter!

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