We’re Married!


The last few months were just a haze of craziness. But hey, I’m a married woman!

The week before the wedding was honestly a clusterfuck. I had at least seven extra people (including a baby) sleeping in my house every night. And most of those were my mom and siblings. So things got crazy. We had people over until late hours almost every night. The rehearsal was on Wednesday, and Cole had to work on Thursday. The girls and I headed out to Vegas for my Bachelorette party Thursday morning. Needless to say, we were all exhausted already.



In Vegas, we got upgraded rooms thanks to my cousin’s military ID. We lined up the bar and started mixing drinks while we got ready for Thunder From Down Under. I think most of my girls thought  I was a bit crazy for wanting to go see Thunder. They thought it was really cliche for a bachelorette party, and that’s why I wanted to do it. By the end of the show, my sister lost he voice from cat-calling and my aunt was sitting next to someone who literally pulled down one of the dancer’s man-thongs and she saw everything! The girls had a blast and every single one of them said the’d like to see it again. We went clubbing and had some fun at ACT nightclub. One guy tried to creepily take a picture of our group (I assume) because we were having so much fun. My sister asked to see it and batted her eyelashes a bit. He showed her his phone and she hit the delete button! We screamed, NO PICTURES PLEASE! and he walked away!! But I think we are all old ladies at this point and Vegas makes us sleepy. So we went back to the rooms and crashed at about 2AM.

(What happens in vegas, stays in vegas! No pictures, please!)

The next day we went to Girls Night Out stripper pole classes. We learned a sexy burlesque dance for our men and we all got up on the poles. My thighs were bruised and sore for a week after that, but it was fun! I’m better than I ever thought I could be. My sister rocked it, but she doesn’t want me spreading that around. Right before the class she said, “I hope I suck at this. If it turns out that I’m really good, I’m never gonna hear the end of it.” And she was totally good.


We got back into town and got one more night of decent sleep before Saturday came too soon. We spent about 6 hours at the venue unloading everything, doing last minute run throughs and setting up tables, chairs, etc. Then SC spent the night at his moms house and I had our huge Cal King to myself. I was lonely, to be honest. The girls met at my house the next morning and we headed to the salon. The flower girl and our designated driver caught some extra ZZZ’s on the couch while we all started on hair, makeup & mimosas.


By noon, it was time to get to the venue. SC was already there setting up so I didn’t get a chance to put anything out anywhere. This caused a lot of problems for me. My guest book didn’t get put out, the favors almost didn’t go out, & the programs were basically a waste because they just sat on a table out of sight and almost nobody picked one up. I forgot my jewelry at home and had to send someone on a 30 minute drive to get them an hour before the ceremony. So many decorations were just forgotten about because we didn’t have enough time for everything and I was the only one who really had the image in my head. I was stuck in the bridal suite!


The ceremony went off (almost) perfectly. I was the one who messed up my vows!! I was so concerned with SC messing up that I forgot what to repeat. But I got it together quickly and we moved onto the partay!


So because I was stuck in the room all morning, I went out to the reception as we were introduced for the first time without having seen anything being prepared. I was really surprised at how beautiful it looked. It was truly what I envisioned my ranch-syle wedding to look like.


The night went by so quickly, I hardly spent time with anyone. I hardly danced. We hardly ate food or cake. I wasn’t even tired at 11:00 when we headed up to the room. We stayed up quite a while opening gifts and showering and soaking in the spa tub and doing wedding night things. The next morning, the wedding party came back and helped us clear everything out.


Everyone I’ve talked to said they had a blast and want to do it again. I keep saying that yeah, we can do it again. So long as it’s not my wedding so I can be more relaxed!


All of our wedding day photos were taken by the amazing Holly & Z from fotographia Studios. Check them out for any type of photos you’re looking to get done. You won’t be disappointed!

Our venue was just about the best place ever with the most amazing staff. Nancy at Idle Hour Guest Ranch saved my ass so many times that day, and I had no idea there was ever anything wrong!!



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