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Zakia's Morocco

Zakia’s Morocco asked me to participate in an ongoing campaign launched by Brandbacker, and I happily accepted! This is the second in a series of reviews for Zakia’s Morocco line of products, the first being Zakia’s Morocco Clay Mask, and so far I’m loving the products. Also, like the first post, I’ve got a chance for my readers to win a $50 gift card to Zakia’s Morocco at the end of the post! This shipment was jam-packed full of stuff, so let’s get started!

About the Product

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 7.33.46 PMMoroccan Black Soap is a wondrous body treatment. It is rich in minerals helping clean and detoxify your skin while leaving an extraordinary smooth and silky finish. Enjoy what Moroccan women have known for centuries…Beldi Black Soap is the secret to clean, healthy, radiant skin.

The soap “BELD” is a 100% natural plant product. Based on an olive oil pulp this soap is extremely rich in vitamin E. It is a great emollient, exfoliator and moisturizer. It cleanses the skin by removing dead cells and toxins leaving the skin soft and silky to the touch. Thanks to this high content of vitamin E, it helps to revitalize the skin, acting against dryness, dehydration and aging skin. This soap lathers modestly and you will love the richness of its texture.

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  • Included: One (1) 8oz jar of Moroccan Black Soap and one (1) Kessa Exfoliating Mit
  • Retail Price: $39.99 (now on sale for $19.99!) + free shipping
  • Discount Code: ZMBLOG-128″ – good for 20% off your order!
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My Review

As with the last product Zakia shipped me, this one included a full guide on how to use the product, as well as personal tips & tricks from Zakia herself. In fact, when she read my last post, Zakia sent me an email and talked about how she loved my review and that I tested it with my husband. She also had a suggestion for my husband’s use of the Moroccan Black Soap, based on her husband’s recommendation. She said that he should lather it up and use it to shave his face with.

Note from Zakia

The product itself is brownish-black and gooey. I had to stick my finger in there to stir it around to mix the liquid and the thicker soap together. To be honest, it really reminded me of mixing natural peanut butter in with the oils that had separated after packaging the jar. I’ve never used soap like this before. It’s thick and greasy, almost like a lubricant, but it suds up and dissolves like soap!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.37.06 PM

The packaging is very basic, similar to the clay mask powder. It’s sealed with plastic wrapping. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if that plastic is enough to keep the product sealed during shipping, as mine leaked all over the inside of the envelope and all over the other products. Everything was wrapped individually, so nothing was damaged. But it did make for a bit of a messy “unboxing”.

There are a few different scents that you can order, but I received the traditional Argan Oil scent. I really don’t notice a strong smell at all. In fact, after I’d used the Moroccan Black soap, the next time I used my regular body wash (Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion) I realized just how perfume-y my body wash smells. It was so overwhelming! It’s things like this that just make me so skeptical of these “natural” products on the shelves in major stores.

The first time I tried the soap, I did just as my handy guide suggested: Take a pinch of the soap from the jar, lather it up, and scrub with the Kessa exfoliating glove. My skin felt like I was scrubbing it with a brillo pad. But, you know how when you have a face wash or mouthwash that burns and that’s how you know it’s working? That’s how I felt about my brillo pad scrubbing experience.

I really love the humor in the How To Guide, when talking about exfoliating. It says, “Don’t overdo it on your first go. You want to only remove the surface dirt and dead skin and not your entire epidermis.” – HA!

The true test was using the product on my heels. I have cracked heels that I cannot get rid of. I used some of the soap specifically on my feet, but obviously the soap from the rest of my body had been running down to my feet during the entire shower. Then I scrubbed with the Kessa glove and then used my pumice stone. I literally watched as the skin came peeling off my feet. I’m definitely going to try some of the Moroccan Black Soap in a foot soak, followed by the Argan Oil (psst, that’s the next item I’m testing!) before bed.

  • Likes: It really did peel off my dead skin. My favorite part is that it’s totally natural and STILL delivers on its promise as a product. You can’t ask for any more than that, right?
  • Dislikes: The only thing that was bad about my experience was the product leaking in the shipping package. Also, as much as I understand the product and why it’s in a gooey form, I can’t help but think it would be so much more convenient in a bar form. But, I know that’s just the convenience of processed products that I’ve been spoiled (and probably poisoning my body) with.
  • Would I Purchase? I don’t anticipate running out of this stuff anytime soon. Seriously, I feel like I used so much and yet the jar is still full. If it really works to change my husband’s skin when shaving, I may need to purchase some more!


Zakia’s Morocco is not only offering a 20% off discount code (ZMBLOG-128) for my readers, but is ALSO sponsoring a giveaway! Use this link to enter to win one of ten (10) gift certificates for $50!

What do you think about the Moroccan Black Soap & Kessa Glove? Have you tried them yet? Love it or leave it?
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