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Prenatal vitamins have never felt this good! Everything Premama® does is to make every single moment of your pregnancy feel just a bit better. We feel every trying-to-conceive, expectant, and lactating mom deserves access to pharmaceutical-grade, healthy prenatal vitamins. This includes developing Premama® products with patented, licensed quality vitamins and minerals often found in prescribed prenatal vitamins. Effective prenatal nutrition and health should not be exclusive. That’s why we’ve made it available to everyone at your local pharmacy, maternity store, grocery retailer and online. And at Premama®, we consider this your peace of mind.

About the Product


Premama® prenatal vitamins are packets of all the essential nutrients developing mamas need from their prenatal vitamins. One packet per day dissolves into your favorite drink. It’s proven to soothe morning sickness, avoid constipation, prevent birth defects, provide DHA and ALA for baby’s growth, and support healthy energy. Premama® is also 100% vegetarian and GMO-free with no artificial coloring or additives.

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  • Included: 1 30-day supply of Premama® Essentials and 1 30-day supply of Premama® Plus
  • Retail Price: $34.95 / $44.96
  • Discount Code: $5.00 off with code “Congrats!”
  • Availability: On drinkpremama.com or find a retailer with the Store Locator!

My Review

Seriously, companies that provide their nutrition label online are just about the best ever. I automatically trust them 10x more because they are willing to be so transparent before you purchase anything from them! They have faith in their product and it’s ingredients and they know that you’ll purchase even after seeing the ingredients!


I love that the packets have DHA in them, as I’ve been taking a separate DHA pill every day. Premama® offers a citrus flavored version with the Plus product, and a flavorless version with the Essentials packet. I’ve tried both packets and I really think that it depends on how you’re taking the vitamins. If you like smoothies in the morning, you can easily throw one of either kind of packet into the mix and never even taste it. I tried to add the flavorless version to my anti-nausea tea one morning, however, and I think something reacted wrong because it turned my clear-yellow lemon tea into a grey color and had a horrible smell! So, don’t do that! I prefer the citrus flavored packet, myself.

Right now, I’m having a hard time taking any pill because my morning sickness is so touchy! I’ve actually found that the regular pills are best for me because I don’t have to taste or feel anything from the drinkable or chewable vitamins (both of which I had a great time with in the first seven weeks)! I’m hoping that with the second trimester, I’ll be able to incorporate these packets into my morning routine a bit better.

  • Likes: Convenience, flavored-packet, DHA. 
  • Dislikes: Didn’t mix well with my hot tea.
  • Would I Purchase? If I do better with them in the second trimester, I’ll definitely buy.

I really believe that these will either work so well for you, or they won’t. And that’s okay! Lucky for you, I’ve got samples! If you’d like a sample of one or both of the Premama® products, please send me a message (jennbizzle@gmail.com) and I can mail you a few packets!!

What do you think about the Premama® Packets? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below (and request your free sample!) or on twitter @jennbizzle!

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