I’m an intern!


Since last summer, I’ve been applying to various social media jobs and internships to boost my resume. Ultimately, I want out of the administrative assistant job that I’m at right now, but I’m also graduating from UoPX in June so I want to be ready for a more serious job search by then. After four interview processes with no job, I got an email from one of the founders at iFabbo. We set up a phone interview and at the end of the interview, she hired me right away!

I have been interning at the online beauty & fashion blogger network iFabbo, international organization for fashion and beauty bloggers, since October 22. Now that I’m about half way through my 3-month internship, I can truly say that this experience has been invaluable. I’ve already learned so much more about SEO and brand consistency across multiple platforms than I thought I knew! I’m in charge of managing Pinterest and YouTube for iFabbo, as well as writing content-based blog posts and various other tasks for the network.

I couldn’t be happier for this opportunity and I look forward to the next step in my career path because of this experience!

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