I’m going back, back to school again.*

Something new is happening around these parts: I’m going back to school. I’ve already gotten my AA, but I was a few transfer credits short. So I am back at the good ol’ community college with two easy classes.

I’m taking History of Rock N’ Roll and Digital Media 101. Taking DM101 means that my goal by then end of this semester is to have built myself an entire website for this blog. And then? Then I’m self-hosting. I keep saying I’m going the self-hosting route, but then I don’t. I just don’t see the point of spending the money to put my name on a website that isn’t mine. And I don’t really have the money to have a site built for me. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of girl. I’d rather take a year learning how to do it than spend the money to have someone do it for me.

So there’s that.

My classes are taught by profs that I have connections to. R&R is taught by a friend of my aunt and DM101 is taught by my old media advisor/mentor from high school robotics. Oh yeah, I used to be on a team that built a working, competing robot when I was 16-17. I was the media/marketing team leader. Hello, future on the internet. I should have known all the way back then. It was actually JUST after I graduated that I started my first blog and not long after that I joined 20sb.

The rest is history.



*a million cool points to whoever can name the movie I’m referencing in the title.

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