I never miss a chance to Just Dance!

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I went into this game absolutely open-minded, as I had never played any version of Just Dance before. I expected something like many of the other musical competition games out there. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by how much I loved dancing to my favorite guilty pleasures!

I obviously didn’t want to play the game by myself, so I decided to invite my 7-year old cousins (yes, they’re twins!) and their older brother over to boogey with me! First we all went to dinner, with their parents and my Fiancé tagging along, and we ate ALL THE BREADSTICKS KNOWN TO MAN. Turns out that carbs are exactly what you need when heading into a Just Dance bender!

We got home, after my Aunt B and I had tried out some of the Moscato at the restaurant and we had all eaten waaaay more than we should have, and no one wanted to get off the couch. But after letting our food digest for about 15 minutes (didn’t want any of the kids getting sick!), I started the game whether we were ready or not. I did not expect such a workout, but I was soon putting my hair up because I was hot and SWEATY! Seriously, what a workout!

We got the boys (including SC!) together to play a “boy round” and Lance, one of the twins, made us scroll through every single song before he could make his song choice. He complained that there weren’t enough boy songs! Plus, he’s basically an expert at Just Dance 3, playing almost every day after school, so everyone should listen to him.

Kaylee, Lance’s sister, started feeling sick so she didn’t get very into the dancing portion, but she still moved the remote in spirit. And Zander, their older brother, was “too cool for school” and didn’t even want to play when I made him. Even Baya the puppy wanted to play!

Aunt B and I, though, got down with our bad selves. She loved the Rock Lobster, as it was a song she grew up on. I thought the lobster was a liiiittle creepy. My favorite song was (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life! I love Dirty Dancing and I wish I could play with someone who could really lift me up for the super special ending!

And by the time we had played for a few hours, we were all feeling much better about all that food we ate! I can’t wait to bring the game over to play with my family after Thanksgiving dinner! If for no other reason than to get everyone’s blood pumping so that the food digests faster and we will all have room for dessert! In fact, I volunteered my house for Christmas just so we can play Just Dance 4 all day!!

Have you played any of the Just Dance games? Which songs do you think I would love to play? Let me know! And if you’d like to purchase the Just Dance 4 game, just in time for the holidays, you can do so from Amazon or ToysRUs. Happy Dancing!

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