Honey, I’m home. (This is long, blame Kaiser)

So you’re probably wondering where I disappeared to in the past couple months. I know I’ve tweeted a bit about it but I figure there’s nothing like jumping back into it than just laying the whole story out on the line. It’s really not as exciting as I’m making it out to be.

So lets see, on June 13th I got home from work, hopped in my jammies, and got a text from SC. He told me not to be mad at him but that he’s at Urgent Care at Kaiser. I rushed over there to find my love in horrible pain getting the shittiest service ever. He had crashed a quad while riding around in the middle of the desert ALONE at SUNSET with limited to NO CELL SERVICE and nobody knew where he was. And to top it off, he fell on the side where his cell phone was in his pocket. If he had cracked the screen, we’d have been on a search and rescue mission.

The guy had a dislocated shoulder and a broken collar bone. Nurses at Kaiser took an hour to get him any kind of pain relief with only 2 (TWO!!) other patients being seen. They didn’t splint him. They left him sitting in the wheel chair with his moms purse underneath his arm to prop it up for over an HOUR. They gave him a small shot of morphine which did nothing except lower his adrenaline so he could actually be in MORE PAIN and took him for X-Rays. He was extremely uncomfortable and in loads of pain and they did nothing. Then when we started yelling, they gave attitude. SC, who is the most soft spoken person you’ll meet, started yelling. It was bad. When the nurse finally came over to put an IV in his arm to give him morphine (which took another thirty minutes), she stuck it in and then pulled it out just enough to let him bleed all over the table, AND THEN DID NOT CLEAN IT UP! When the ambulance came 30 minutes AFTER THAT to take him to the emergency room because Kaiser couldn’t do anything for him, there was still a pool of dried blood sitting on the table. That’s probably healthy, right?

So we got to The ER where he sat in the hallway waiting for a bed for 45 minutes. Oh, and the doctor came and popped his arm back into place IN THE HALLWAY WITHOUT ANY MORE MEDICATION. SC was screaming IN THE HALLWAY for him to stop but he just kept on chugging and I was about to deck him. And then the doctor promised more morphine right away which was not given until he got a bed. By this time it’s well past midnight. He got injured at just after 8:00 pm. So the poor guy was working off one and a half shots of morphine which didn’t help him  AT ALL for more than four hours. EXCRUCIATING PAIN for FOUR HOURS. I’m a little upset at the way it all went down. Can you tell?

Then then THEN, they sent him home with a sling and some meds and without an appointment to see Orthopedics. So we had to make one on our own, which they wouldn’t give to us without waiting two weeks! Luckily, I knew someone who got us into an appointment while only having to wait a week. And they scheduled the surgery for his collarbone within 24 hours of seeing him at Orthopedics.

He now has a metal plate in his shoulder connecting the three pieces of bone that he broke off. He has a large scar across his shoulder. And he’s been out of work for going on two months. Don’t get me started about state disability.

I’ve also been reading Infinite Jest to the point of like wanting to demap* myself. But mostly we’ve just been hanging out, having a pretty boring summer because we don’t have any money! And apparently, when I don’t have alone time, I don’t want to blog. Because I, like, have somebody to talk to 24-7. He went to his dad’s for a few days, which is probably for the better because we were starting to annoy each other. We definitely do better when we have our own time away from each other.

So what’s coming up? Well, now that I’ve caught you guys up, I’m leaving again! We are going camping for 9 days with my family. No internet. Just family time by the fire, some awesome s’mores, BBQ, summer reading, tanning, river time, and all around recharging of the batteries.  Oh, and food. Mostly food.

And after I return? I’m vlogging every day this August with a group of awesome v/bloggers. Get ready for #VEDA.

*You like that, huh?

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