ePantry Double Rewards Deal

AffiliateePantry Double Rewards Deal!

I’m writing this totally on the fly, breaking out of my content calendar and not even editing (probably) to tell you that ePantry’s got a KILLER deal going right now. If you’ve been tossing the idea of getting a subscription back and forth, let me tell you: IT’S WORTH IT.

But, by using my referral link, you’re about to get even more of a reason to jump on the ePantry wagon. This weekend, they’re offering DOUBLE REWARDS! Okay, so what does that mean, exactly?

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.02.16 AMIt means that when you sign up using my link, you’re going to get a $10 ePantry credit plus a Grove Collaborative 70-hour burn organic soy candle worth $12.95 (it’s my favorite candle ever!) in a reusable mason jar. That’s $22.95 worth of FREE STUFF. It means that I’ll get a $20 credit, too. Wee!


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.02.59 AM


But let’s get back to you! If you regularly shop for Mrs. Meyers, Method, or Seventh Generation products, you’re going to find them cheaper here than at Target. Honestly, I’ve never found something on ePantry that wasn’t at least a dollar less than Target’s pricing. It’s like the online Costco of organic & eco-friendly cleaning supplies!

Do yourself a favor and get in on this deal before the weekend’s over!

(Double rewards deal ends on 5/31)
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