Do you know the Lucky Bloke?

Here’s the thing. I think you all know by now (or SHOULD KNOW) that I like sex. I also think it’s fairly evident that I practice safe sex (still no update on that nightmare, I guess all is well). So when the opportunity presented itself to anonymously review condoms, I was all over it. I went right to Lucky Bloke and applied to be part of Mission: Great Sex! And seriously less than a few days later, I got an email telling me that I’d been accepted!

Basically, the newest, coolest, and best condoms on the market are going to be (discreetly) sent to my doorstep and I get to use them (hopefully ALL OF THEM!) and then review them. And although you’re allowed to review them anonymously, I’m TOTALLY going to talk about them all over the freaking internet.

So basically, I told you all of that to tell you this: you’re all crazy if you don’t go and apply.

What are you waiting for? GO!

P.S. If you’re not interested in getting shit for free (I don’t know if we should be friends, but that’s besides the point) you can always PAY for the best condoms out there. Lucky Bloke offers a monthly subscription service sort of like Netflix for your sex life. Choose what condoms you love, place your order, and they’ll be (again, discreetly) sent to your doorstep every month so you’ll never be without in the heat of the moment!


[Disclaimer: I did not receive any kickbacks whatsoever from Lucky Bloke. Honestly, I am just so excited about this I have to talk about it.]
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